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Mattia Arioli

(Comics Studies)

Adventures in Time: Settler Temporalities and Indigenous Futures in North American Comic Books

Date and Time: April 12 at 12:30 - 1:30 pm

Location: Hollings Library Program Room

Mattia Arioli, Research Fellow at the University of Bologna, will visit the University of South Carolina to discuss his current research project centered on the comics in the Gary Lee Watson Collection.

April 12 - The Humanities Collaborative Presents Book Launch for Olga Ivashkevich, Chelsea Fisher, and David S. Shields
Location: All Good BooksCelebrate faculty authors with the launch of recent publications, Teaching Civic Participation with Digital Media in Art Education: Critical Approaches for Classrooms and Communities, Rooting in a Useless Land: Ancient Farmers, Celebrity Chefs, & Environmental Justice in Yucatán, and The Ark of Taste, by Olga Ivashkevich, Chelsea Fisher, and David S. Shields. Meet the faculty and hear about their work. This event is free and open to the public with refreshments provided.

January 24-Dr. Marcus Kondkar, "An Evening with The Visiting Room Project" (Carceral Studies).

Janurary 25- Gregg Hecimovich, The Life and Times of Hannah Crafts (co-sponsored with Southern Studies and the History Center; Mellon Seminar). Print Flyer & Digital Flyer.

Janurary 25- All Good Books, Book Talk and Signing with Gregg Hecimovich.

January 26- Book Launch for Samuel Bagg, Ed Madden, and Deena Isom.

February 2- Frances Lee, "Congress: We'd Be Worse off Without it" (Mellon Seminar). Print Flyer & Digital Flyer.

February 2- All Good Books, Book Talk and Signing with Frances Lee.

February 7- Matt Kisner, Faculty Spotlight.

February 7- Marsha Gordon, "Ursula Parrot in Hollywood" and Book Talk about Becoming the Ex-Wife (co-sponsored with the University Libraries, The Department of English Language and Literature, and The School of Visual Art and Design).

March 13- 4:00-5:30 pm, Barbara Phillips, "Can Our Democracy Survive this Supreme Court?" (co-sponsored with the History Center, South Caroliniana Library, and Joseph F. Rice School of Law; Mellon Seminar).

March 14- Aziz Rana, Discussion of The Constitutional Bind: How Americans Came to Idolize a Document that Fails Them (Mellon Seminar). Print Flyer & Digital Flyer.

March 15- All Good Books, Book Talk and Signing with Aziz Rana.

March 21- Bruce Ackerman, Discussion of The Postmodern Predicament: Existential Challenges of the Twenty-First Century (Mellon Seminar). Print Flyer & Digital Flyer.

March 22- All Good Books, Book Talk and Signing with Bruce Ackerman.

April 9- Peter Wood, "Black Majority: Race, Rice, and Rebellion in South Carolina, 1670-1740" (co-sponsored with the History Center, Institute for Southern Studies, and South Caroliniana Library; Mellon Seminar).

April 10- All Good Books, Book Talk and Signing with Peter Wood.

December 7- Fall Bag and Board Event (Comics Studies)

November 30- Christian Anderson and Spencer Platt, Book Discussion "Uncompromising Activist: Richard Greener" (co-sponsered with the Black Faculty Caucus, the College of Education, and the South Caroliniana Library)

November 30- Thi Nguyen, Games and the Meaning of Life

November 17- 12:00-1:30 pm All Good Books Lunch with Eric Slauter (Mellon Seminar)

November 16- Eric Slauter, Created Equal: How the Declaration of Independence Became a Founding Document. Print Flyer & Digital Flyer.

November 10- 10:30 am-12:00 pm All Good Books Lunch with Frances Lee (Mellon Seminar)

November 8- 6:00 pm Mike Gibisser and Mary Helena Clark, Film Screening: "A Common Sequence" (SouthernGauge)

October 28- (In)visibility Research Group: Columbia Museum of Art w/ Big Draw

October 26- Colin Woodard, South Carolinian Intellectuals and the Struggle to Forge the Story of United States Nationhood. Print FlyerDigital Flyer.

October 24- Ron & Natalie Daise, 29th Anniversary of Gullah Gullah Island (co-sponsered with Southern Studies and AFAM)

October 24- Drew Lanham, Diversifying Archaeological Education Research Group

October 17-18- 3:30-5:00 pm Rebecca Tsosie, Diversifying Archaeological Education Research Group

September 15- 12:00pm-1:00pm - Andrew Berns and Nicole Maskiell, "The Publishing Process from the Author's Perspective," Gambrell Hall (Founding Documents)

September 14-15- Neil Kinghan: Richard T. Greener Lecture, “Francis Cardozo: Reconstruction’s Forgotten Hero”. (co-sponsored with History Center).

September 14- "Qatar Stars": Film Screening and panel. (co-sponsored with FAMS and Walker).

September 7- Mollie Barnes (NEH Summer Stipend winner—USC Beaufort)

February 17 - 7:00 pm - Moral philosopher Michael Ridge (Philosophy, University of Edinburgh): “Why So Serious? Work, Play, and the Meaning of Life.” Co-sponsored with Philosophy.

February 23-25 - Comparative Literature Graduate Student Conference. Hollings Library. (co-sponsored with Comparative Literature).

March 6-10 - Archaeology Field School Experience Recruitment event for HCBUs (Diversifying Archaeological Education Research Group)

March 15 - John Gennari (English and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, University of Vermont): "The Original Dixie Jazz Band, the Black/Italian Racial Nexus, and Transatlantic Jazz History." 6:30pm, Robert Mills Carriage House. (co-sponsored with History Center)

March 18 - Asian American Community Music Making with Eric Hing-Tao Hung (The Music of Asian America Research Center, University of Maryland). Twentieth-century Transpacific Intercultural Collaboration Research Group. (co-sponsored with the School of Music)

March 23 - Tressie Macmillan Cottom (Professor with the Center for Information, Technology and Public Life at UNC-Chapel Hill, New York Times columnist, & 2020 MacArthur Fellow). Co-sponsored with African-American Studies.

March 24 - Promoting Women in the Arts in the Digital Era: Mini-symposium and Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. (co-sponsored with the Center for Asian Studies and the School of Visual Art and Design).

April 4 - Darrel Moellendorf,  "Mobilizing Hope: Climate Change and Global Poverty."

April 12-14 - Randall Kennedy (Michael R. Klein Professor, Harvard Law School) and Thavolia Glymph (Professor of History and African-American Studies, Duke University), Conversations on the American South. (co-sponsored with History Center).

April 19  – Marion Turner, "The Wife of Bath: A Biography"

April 21-23 -- "Wood Basket of the World"  Conference. Lumbering, Manufacturing, and Conserving South Carolina’s Forests (Lumbering Research Group)

December 8 - Swimming Back to Trout River: A Conversation with Novelist Linda Rui Feng. Richland Library Main Brance Auditorium, 6pm. Sponsored by The Center of Asian Studies in the Walker Institute at USC, The Humanities Collaborative, and The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

December 1 - Matt Simmons and Mark Smith, sponsored by the DH Research Group, Humanities Collaborative, Hollings Library, SCPC Seminar Room, 3:00 p.m. Southern History Archives Research and Education (SHARE). 

November 10 - Southern Guage Series presents: Jason Livingston An evening of 16mm film projection, videos, and in process slide projections.

November 10 - Adam Schor, sponsored by the DH Research Group, Humanities Collaborative, Hollings Library, SCPC Seminar Room, 11:40 p.m.

November 7 - Jason Mott (co-sponsored with Southern Studies)

November 3 - Tessa Davis, Kate Boyd, Vandana Srivastava, sponsored by the DH Research Group, Humanities Collaborative, Hollings Library, SCPC Seminar Room, 1:15 p.m.

November 1 Woody Holton, in conversation with Bakari Sellers (co-sponsored with the History Center), Allen University.

October 28 - Amie Freeman, Karen Gavigan, Kelly Goldberg, and Hayden Smith, sponsored by the DH Research Group, Humanities Collaborative, Hollings Library, SCPC Seminar Room, 11:00 a.m. Projects with UofSC Libraries' Create Digital”: Faculty Experiences Panel. 

October 25 - Boubacar Ndiaye (co-sponsored with the Francophone Studies program and LLC), CMA Theatre, 7 p.m.

October 20 - Stacy Winchester and David Reddy, sponsored by the DH Research Group, Humanities Collaborative, Hollings Library, SCPC Seminar Room, 11:40 a.m. “Research Computing: Resources at the U of SC”

October 19 - in)Visibility: Aesthetic Dimensions of Perception. Poster/artmaking session, sponsored by the (In)visibility Research Group, Humanities Collaborative, Russell House Ballroom (section B), 12-4 p.m (drop in at any time).

October 5-7 - Mia Bay (co-sponsored with the History Center)—public lecture October 6, Karen J. Williams Courtroom, 6-8 p.m.

October 6 - Kristin Harrell (virtual), sponsored by the DH Research Group, Humanities Collaborative, 2:45 p.m. “DH and the world of Margery Kempe.” See DH Research page for further details and for link.

October 7 - Mia Bay—roundtable discussion, Gambrell 245B, 11:30a.m.

October 11 - Prasenjit Duara, sponsored by the Twentieth-Century Transpacific Intercultural Collaboration Research Group, Humanities Collaborative. “Oceans, Gardens, and Jungles: Worldviews and the Planet” 

September 21 - Digital Humanities Meet and Greet (in person), sponsored by the Digital Humanities Research Group, Humanities Collaborative, Hollings Library, SCPC Seminar Room, 12p.m.

May 2- "Conversations on the American South" The Inaugural Conversation: Race, Cender and the Civil War Era- with Thavolia Glymph

April 22 - Book talk by Rachel Sagner Buurma and Laura Heffernan on The Teaching Archive :A New History for Literary Study

April 22 - DH talk by Heather Heckman on "Shoot Today, Screen Tomorrow: A Quantitative Analysis of Elapsed Time from Production to Release by Color System in the United States, 1935-1975"

April 19 - Discussion between Judge Richard Gergel and Patricia Sullivan on Sullivan's book Justice Rising: Robert Kennedy's America in Black and White

April 11 - Talk by Daniel Everett "Language and Conflict in Amazonia"

April 6 - Book talk by Katina Rogers on Putting the Humanities PhD to Work

April 5- Systemic Inequality in South Carolina Schools - Buffet Dinner and Panel Discussion

April 5- Conversation with actor and director Clark Johnson (The Wire)

April 4 - Talk from Nitasha Kaul entitled "Kashmir: The Personal is Political" 

April 4- "On These Grounds" Film Screening followed by Q&A with activist Vivian Anderson

April 1- DH presentation by Christian Cicimurri - Historic Southern Naturalists: Six Years of Digitizing Natural History (online only- click here for more info and link)

April 1- Presentation on NEH and NEA grants for the Humanities

March 25- DH talk on Research Computing storage

March 23- Lecture by Gregg Hecimovich from Furman University on the historic Zealy daguerrotypes

March 21 - Talk by anthropologist Jessica Smith: "Extracting Accountability: Engineers and Corporate Social Responsibility"

March 21- “Diversifying Archaeological Education” Research Group's archaeology workshop

March 18 - DH talk by Amanda Wangwright

March 3 & 4- Carolina's Conflict Consortium

March 4- DH talk by Jason Porter and Evan Meaney (for UofSC faculty, staff, and grad students)

March 2- Roger Beebe film performance at If Art Gallery (Columbia, SC)

Feb 25- DH talk by Herrick Brown (for UofSC faculty, staff. and grad students)

Feb. 22- Imani Perry Book Talk

Feb. 16- Discussion of Justice Deferred: Race and the Supreme Court

Feb. 12- Briallen Hopper Reading and Discussion

Feb 7- Phil Klay lecture

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