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Medical Humanities and Culture Minor

The medical humanities and culture minor at USC prepares you to become a well-rounded practitioner with a holistic perspective on medicine and health care. Through a range of courses in the humanities and social sciences, students explore the ethical, social, representational and historical dimensions of disease, health, disability and health care.  

If you are majoring in science or a health field, this minor can help you prepare for the MCAT and provide practical experience toward a career in medicine, nursing, public health, global health, health policy, health promotion, law, journalism, psychology or patient advocacy.

The minor may especially complement these majors: 

  • Biological sciences
  • Chemistry 
  • Public health 
  • Psychology

The medical humanities and culture minor: 

  • Builds a holistic approach to medicine and health.  
  • Contributes to a knowledge base beyond medicine.
  • Creates opportunity to engage with other programs, schools and colleges.  
  • Improves visual literacy necessary for making discerning diagnoses.  
  • Enhances students’ cultural competency. 
  • Includes many courses which are major requirements.  
  • Provides a foundation for many graduate fields or research. 
  • Provides opportunity to engage with ethical questions.

    The variety of classes I was able to take with the medical humanities minor has given me a good foundation for the sociocultural and demographic discussions we have in medical school. This minor has made me better equipped to relate to patients of different backgrounds and to respect their cultures.

    Brynn Franz, class of 2022 (Capstone Scholar, biological sciences major, Spanish and medical humanities and cultures minors)
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