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April 4, 2022:

The AJI held a Book Manuscript Worship for Dr. Elizabeth Rodwell (Digital Media Information and Logistics Technology, Rice University). This workshop featured Dr. Roswell’s work Push the Button: Interactive Television and Collaborative Journalism in Japan. Push the Button explores the results of unprecedented access to the Japanese television industry and, based on 18 months of fieldwork among broadcast and print journalists, contributes to a mission within the fields of anthropology and communication studies to understand how creative professionals are adapting to ongoing technological change and obsolescence within their fields.  Dr. Shultz (Professor of Journalism, Department of Journalism, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz) and Dr. Condry (Cultural Anthropologist and Director of MIT’s Spatial Sound Lab) presented as expert reviewers. For more on the author and expert reviewers, click on the links below.

Elizabeth Rodwell, Author.
Ian Condry, Expert.
Tanjev Shultz, Expert.
Alliston Marsh, AJI Co-Director.
Leah McClimans, AJI Co-Director.

April 1-2, 2022:

Thank you for joining us in April 2022 for our first AJI + Columbia event: Climate Ready Columbia. This event gathered folks from around the city and the region. While the conversation on climate change often focuses on national and state efforts, the conference spotlights local and municipal policy options. The conference included 14 expert panels as well as a keynote speech. Please visit the full event page for more information.

November 15, 2021:

The AJI held a Book Manuscript Workshop for Dr. Rosalind Donald (Rosenstiel School of Climate Risks & Preparedness, University of Miami). This workshop featured Dr. Donald’s work Greenlining: Environmental policies, Segregation, and Displacement in Miami from the New Deal to the Climate Crisis. Greenlining investigates the relationship between environmental policies and displacement in Miami-Dade, an area that is increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and the second-most unequal in the United States, with a severe shortage of affordable housing, and further shows the importance of including environmental policies in studies of inequality. Dr. Andrew Ross (Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University) and Dr. Julie Sze (American Studies, UC- Davis) presented as expert reviewers. See links to the participants below with bios and further information.
Rosalind Donald, Author.
Andrew Ross, Expert.
Julie Sze, Expert.

October 18, 2021:

The AJI held a Book Manuscript Workshop for Dr. Monica Barra (Anthropology, University of South Carolina). This workshop featured Dr. Barra's work Good Sediment: Race, Geology and the Politics of Land Loss which is an ethnography that considers the complicated ways scientists and residents conceptualize Louisiana's "losing a football field per hour" land loss crisis in the context of historic and contemporary race relations in southeast Louisiana. Dr. Jessica Cattelino (Anthropology, University of California - Los Angeles) and Dr. Amelia Moore (Marine Affairs, University of Rhode Island) presented as expert reviewers. For more on the author and expert presenters, click on the links below.
Monica Barra, Author.
Jessica Cattelino, Expert.
Amelia Moore, Expert.

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