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The Carnegie Foundation has designated the University of South Carolina as an institution of very high research activity, which affords you the opportunity to conduct undergraduate research in close collaboration with our faculty in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Faculty Research

The College of Arts and Sciences is home to award-winning scientists, scholars and teachers that span the arts, humanities, natural science and social science disciplines. Combining the strength of tradition with the energy of innovation, our faculty and staff equips students with critical thinking skills necessary for careers in today’s global economy.   

Student Research Opportunities

Why wait until after college to do what you love when you can get hands-on research experience right now? Our designation as an R-1 research university affords you the opportunity to conduct important research in your field of study. Opportunities are available for graduate and undergraduate students.

Research Facilities

Our research facilities encourage innovation among our faculty and students, provide services to residents and commercial enterprises in South Carolina, and are used by visiting researchers.

The Electron Microscopy Center is a core facility providing all levels of technical support and consultation in the area of light microscopy, electron microscopy and elemental analysis.

The Center for Elemental Mass Spectrometry  is a core analytical facility and cost center, used primarily by faculty and students in the School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment.

More and more we depend on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data. Our center is committed to refining and improving the systems, consulting with users and providing advanced training.

A magnetometer with field strength up to 7 Tesla, sensitivity of <10-7 emu and temperature range from 1.8 - 350 K is available in the Magnetic Measurement Facility.

The Mass Spectrometry Center includes two VG 70S instruments, a Finnigan TSQ, Micromass Q-TOF I, Micromass Quattro LC, Bruker Ultraflex MALDI TOF/TOF, and other chromatographic apparatus that can be configured with the instruments.

Bringing an idea to life is a critical step. Our facility, equipped with an array of equipment and qualified staff, can turn a drawing into a working assembly.

The NMR Core Facility is part of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. It is the only high resolution NMR facility at UofSC and provides services to other local universities and industrial clients.

Our Powder X-Ray Diffraction Facility comprises a Rigaku Ultima IV powder X-ray diffraction system and a Rigaku D/Max 2100 powder X-ray diffractometer.

The Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Facility operates a Bruker D8 Quest diffractometer with sample operating temperatures of 90 to 300 K.

Grant Operations for Faculty

The CAS Grants Operations team supports current faculty with pre-award services such as assisting with preparation of external proposal submissions, budget development, etc. as well as post-award grant monitoring.  Learn more.

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