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  • Black, white and red images of brain scans as rendered by the McCausland Center.

    Advanced technology for research excellence

    The McCausland Center for Brain Imaging provides space, equipment and software for cutting-edge research and clinical care.

McCausland Center

The McCausland Center for Brain Imaging provides University of South Carolina faculty, as well as collaborative and externally funded researchers, the ability to perform high-resolution brain imaging studies in the Columbia, SC area. Our research expands knowledge about neuroscience, the impact of brain injury and the process of recovery.

The Siemens 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging system at the McCausland Center is state-of-the-art equipment which allows researchers to understand how the healthy brain works. In addition, this system provides an important tool for understanding brain injury and guiding rehabilitation.

The mission of the McCausland Center for Brain Imaging 

Since opening our doors in 2006, the McCausland Center has served the scientific community and the public through advanced imaging services, provided on location at the Prisma Health Heart Hospital. 

Our main goals are: 

  1. Scientific discovery and innovation. 
  2. Clinical and fundamental research success. 
  3. Student research and educational opportunities. 
  4. Career and workforce development in neuroimaging. 
  5. Sharing our knowledge with the community.

Financial support for research excellence 

The McCausland Center for Brain Imaging (MCBI) was initially funded by a grant from the Department of Defense (Center of Excellence) as well as gifts from the Palmetto Richland Hospital (now Prisma) and the Greenville Hospital systems.  

Peter J. McCausland, a ’71 USC graduate, also provided matching funds, which have amplified the impact of this revolutionary brain imaging center. 

In addition to support from the College of Arts and Sciences and funds from prior scans, Chris Rorden’s SC SmartSmart Endowment for Neuroimaging provided funding for significant upgrades in 2016. 

How to get involved with the McCausland Center 

Individuals interested in participating in a brain-imaging study, or students who are interested in training should directly contact the scientists who lead the research teams. 

Prospective scientists who wish to conduct research at the center as well as educators interested in our work may contact us to arrange a tour


Contact the McCausland Center

Roger D. Newman-Norlund, Ph.D. (Managing Director) 
Cell: (803) 530-6793; MRI Office (803) 434-8031; email: 

Chris Rorden, Ph.D. & Julius Fridriksson, Ph.D.  (Co-Directors) 
Dr. Rorden’s cell: (803) 404-2573

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