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Student leads volunteers in Census work

David Olds spent the past 15 months working to make sure everyone in Columbia, South Carolina, had the chance to be counted in the U.S. Census. For this geography major, this was about much more than gathering data, but about making sure people have the resources they need.

History background inspires cancer researcher

Matt McMillan is a prolific science researcher at the forefront of radiation oncology. But it was the history major at UofSC that inspired his interest in science and prepared him to succeed in medical school.

An example for her siblings

History professor Myisha Eatmon's experience as a first-generation college student shapes her approach to teaching.

'Series of discoveries' leads to breakthrough Parkinson's research

Richard Youle has made breakthrough discoveries regarding the cause of Parkinson's Disease thanks to a scientific approach he learned at the University of South Carolina.

How do pandemics end?

In all of human history, only one disease has been truly eradicated. The others remain, although vaccines and other measures help keep them in check. Nükhet Varlık, a history professor whose research focuses on the history of pandemics, wrote about the topic for The Conversation.

'Pandemics in Literature' class shines light on history

UofSC students are exploring stories written about pandemics, ranging from medieval to futuristic, despondent to hopeful. They've found that 2020 isn't so different from similar moments throughout history, and there are some lessons to learn.

UofSC research finds trigger that leads to faster nerve healing

Damaged nerves regenerate faster when protein clusters are broken apart, releasing components that can be used to rebuild the nerve. South Carolina scientists have found the trigger that could be used to accelerate regrowth more.

Saltwater data can predict monsoon seasons, UofSC student finds

The 2019 monsoon surprised forecasters and hit India harder than any other monsoon in 25 years. Thanks go one UofSC oceanography Ph.D. student, forecasters could use salinity measurements to predict the storms more accurately in the future.

UofSC professor helps geography come alive in classrooms around SC

Third graders are mapping rubber ducks in the Pacific Ocean, and seventh graders are finding out who owns Antartica. Thanks to Jerry Mitchell, students around South Carolina are studying geography as never before.

UofSC artist sparks joy for children at Charleston hospital

Marius Valdes, professor in the School of Visual Art and Design, completed murals in Charleston's new children's hospital to help make it a more welcoming place for patients. "I couldn't think of a more deserving audience."

New partnership gives UofSC students greater access to national lab

When you're reinventing the way America stores nuclear waste, it helps to have the most cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. And a new partnership will give students and faculty more opportunities to conduct research at Savannah River National Laboratory.

Theatre and Dance season goes online

Students and faculty have found innovative ways to bring the performing arts to the small screen during the Fall 2020 season.

Discovering a passion for science

Libby Davenport came to the University of South Carolina on the pre-med track, but experience in a biological sciences laboratory pointed her in a new direction focused on basic research in disease ecology.

Cast of Creators

Media arts professor inspires and motivates students to land their dream jobs.

Dance Professor Receives National Leadership Award

Dr. Stephanie Milling, professor in the dance program, has been honored by the National Dance Education Organization with its 2020 Outstanding Leadership Award.

Outreach program for racial reconciliation moves to Arts and Sciences

The South Carolina Collaborative for Race and Reconciliation fosters conversations that help people foster better relationships between races. It's led by Jennifer Gunter, a UofSC history Ph.D. graduate.

History department staff wins international award for comic book writing

IT consultant by day, comic book writer by night. Chuck Brown's comic book series "Bitter Root" took a 2020 Eisner Award for "Best Continuing Series."

Opportunity and community

Issy Rushton promised herself to make UofSC her home by saying "yes" to as many opportunities as possible. Now she's leading student government through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Competence and compassion

Loren Knapp's career has been focused on helping students gain the knowledge and skills they need for a career and extending the helping hand they need to meet their challenges.

What literature can tell us about people’s struggle with their faith during a pandemic

Professor Agnes Mueller wrote for The Conversation about how pandemics impact religion, according to literature. She is teaching a Theme Semester course about pandemics in literature.

Dean's welcome message for students — Fall 2020

Dean Lacy K. Ford welcomed students to the Fall 2020 semester, encouraging them to see the unusual semester as an opportunity for growth.

ROTC cadet proves himself in combat diving courses

Cole Falkenstine created a club that helps ROTC cadets prepare for elite military training programs. Then he became UofSC's first ROTC cadet to complete the Army's combat diving supervisor training.

How the Rollin Sisters started the women's suffrage movement in South Carolina

African American women were some of the early activists in the women's suffrage movement in South Carolina. History professor Valinda Littlefield presented a webinar about the Rollin Sisters on August 10, 2020.

Barra brings environmental justice study to South Carolina

Monica Barra has studied the cultural consequences of rising tides in Louisiana for years. Now she is bringing that study to the Atlantic Coast with the support of a national fellowship.

Remembering Congressman John Lewis

The College of Arts and Sciences joins the nation in remembering the late congressman John Lewis for his legacy of leadership and civil rights activism.


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