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Explore the list below to see all the undergraduate and graduate degrees, minors and advanced certificates offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. When you've found the perfect program, start an application for undergraduate or graduate admission.

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Area of Study Undergraduate Graduate Special Keywords
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Acting   MFA   arts_type, grad_degree
African American Studies B.A., Minor     history, literature, pre-law, diversity, humanities, undergraduate_degree, interdisciplinary
African Studies Minor     global studies, african history, humanities, 
Anthropology B.A. M.A., Ph.D. Graduate Certificate Programs archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, biological biocultural anthropology, Graduate Certificate Program in Historical Archaeology and Cultural Resource Management, Certificate in Women's and Gender Studies, Certificate of Graduate Study in Museum Management, humanities, grad_degree, undergraduate_degree, other
Art Education B.F.A. MAT, M.A., I.M.A.    teaching art, elementary education,secondary education, arts_type, grad_degree, undergraduate_degree
Art History B.A., Minor M.A.   visual art, history, history of art, arts_type, grad_degree, undergraduate_degree
Art Studio B.A., B.F.A., Minor M.A., MFA   graphic design, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, painting, intermedia, 3-D Studies, photography, studio art, Photography, Printmaking, arts_type, grad_degree, undergraduate_degree
Asian Studies Minor     center for asian studies, languages, humanities
Astronomy Minor     physics, sciences, natural, 
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology B.S.     pre-med, sciences, natural, undergraduate_degree
Biological Sciences B.S., Minor M.S., MAT, Ph.D. Accelerated Master's science teacher, education, Biology, Pre-med, Premed, bioinformatics, biotechnology, sciences, natural, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree, other
Cardiovascular Technology B.S.     biology,cardiovascular technician, sciences, natural, undergraduate_degree, interdisciplinary
Chemistry B.S. M.S., Ph.D.    pre-med, biochemistry, sciences, natural, grad_degree, undergraduate_degree
Chinese Studies B.A., Minor     languages, asian studies, mandarin, undergraduate_degree, humanities
Classics B.A., Minor     latin, greek, languages, humanities, undergraduate_degree
Costume Design and Technology   MFA    costuming, arts_type, grad_degree
Comparative Literature B.A., Minor M.A., Ph.D.   foreign language, bilingual, global culture, languages, grad_degree, undergraduate_degree, humanities, interdisciplinary
Creative Writing   M.F.A.   literary studies, literary theory, humanities, grad_degree
Criminology and Criminal Justice B.A., Minor M.A., Ph.D. Dual Degree: Criminology and Criminal Justice and Law (M.A. / J.D.) law, law enforcement, pre-law, humanities, grad_degree, undergraduate_degree, other
Cyber Intelligence B.S.     undergraduate_degree, humanities, interdisciplinary
Dance B.A., Minor   SC K-12 Teachers Certification performance, choreography, dance education, arts_type, undergraduate_degree, other
Data  Science

B.S. in Data Science 

B.S. in Data Analytics 


    data, statistics, analytics, undergrad, math
Economics B.A., B.S., Minor     business, microeconomics, macroeconomics, math, undergraduate_degree
English B.A., Minor M.A., M.A.T., Ph.D. Dual Degree: English and Library and Information Science (M.A. / M.L.I.S) composition and rhetoric, speech communication, english and american literature, humanities, grad_degree, undergraduate_degree, other
Environmental Science / Environmental Studies B.A., B.S. M.E.E.R.M. Earth and Environmental Resources Management and Law (M.E.E.R.M. / J.D.), Accelerated Master's environmental law, resource management, Marine Science, Geological Sciences and Geophysics, sciences, natural, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree, other, interdisciplinary
European Studies Minor     European union, global studies, humanities, undergraduate_degree
Film and Media Studies B.A., Minor     media arts_type, media, film, arts_type, humanities, undergraduate_degree, interdisciplinary
Foreign Language   M.A.T.   teaching in foreign language, languages, humanities, grad_degree
Forensics Minor     anthropology, biology, chemistry and biochemistry, criminal justice, neuroscience, psychology
French B.A., Minor M.A.   french language, french literature, languages, humanities, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree
Geography B.A., B.S., Minor M.A., M.S., Ph.D.   Hazards and Vulnerability, humanities, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree
Geological Sciences B.S. M.S., Ph.D.   geology, sciences, natural, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree
Geophysics B.S.     seismology, plate tectonics, groundwater, environment, sciences, natural, undergraduate_degree
German B.A., Minor M.A.   german language, german literature, languages, humanities, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree
Global Studies B.A.     world religion, world culture, humanities, interdisciplinary, undergraduate_degree
History B.A. M.A., Ph.D. public history, historical archaeology and cultural resource management, museum management, US history, european history, african history, middle eastern history, asian history, latin american history, humanities, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree, other
Interdisciplinary Studies B.A., B.S.     create a major, interdisciplinary, undergraduate_degree
International Studies B.A. M.A.   international politics, political science, humanities , grad_degree, undergraduate_degree
Islamic Studies Minor     world religion, religion, humanities, undergraduate_degree, interdisciplinary
Latin American Studies Minor     latin America, spanish america, humanities, undergraduate_degree, interdisciplinary
Law and Society Minor     humanities, undergraduate_degree, other, interdisciplinary
Leadership Studies Minor     political science, undergraduate_degree, humanities
Lighting Design   M.F.A.   stage technology, grad_degree, arts_type 
Linguistics Minor M.A., Ph.D. Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages English/French/German/Spanish linguistics
Historical linguistics
Linguistic anthropology
Philosophy of language
Phonological theory
Second/foreign language acquisition
Syntactic theory
Teaching English as a second/foreign language, humanities, grad_degree, other, interdisciplinary
Marine Science B.S. M.S., Ph.D.   aquatic science, oceanography, ocean, sciences, natural, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree, interdisciplinary
Mathematics B.S., Minor M.A., M.M., M.S., M.A.T., Ph.D.    teaching math, math, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree
McKissick Museum     Certificate in Museum Management museum management
Media Arts B.A., Minor M.A.    visual arts_type, media studies, arts_type, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree
Medical Humanities and Culture Minor     humanities, undergraduate_degree, other, interdisciplinary
Neuroscience B.S., Minor     psychology, social, undergraduate_degree, interdisciplinary
Philosophy B.A. M.A., Ph.D.   pre-law, humanities, undergraduate, grad_degree, undergraduate_degree
Physics B.S., Minor M.S., Ph.D.   astronomy, engineering physics, natural, undergraduate, grad_degree, undergraduate_degree
Political Science B.A., Minor M.A., Ph.D.   leadership studies, international studies, humanities, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree
Psychology B.A., B.S., Minor Ph.D. Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation experimental psychology, neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Behavioral Neuroscience, Quantitative Psychology, social work, social, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree, other
Public Administration   M.P.A. Dual degrees: Public Administration and Law (M.P.A. / J.D.) and  Public Administration and Social Work (M.P.A. / M.S.W.) political science, social work, law, humanities, grad_degree, other
Religious Studies B.A., Minor     world religion, comparative religion, humanities, undergraduate_degree
Russian B.A., Minor     russian language, russian literature, humanities, undergraduate_degree, interdisciplinary
Russian and Eurasian Studies Minor     humanities, undergraduate_degree, interdisciplinary
Scenic Design   M.F.A.   staging, stage design, theater design, arts_type, grad_degree 
Sociology B.A., B.S., Minor M.A., Ph.D.   social science, social psychology, social, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree
Southern Studies Minor     humanities, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree, other, interdisciplinary
Spanish B.A., Minor M.A., Ph.D.   spanish language, spanish literature, humanities, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree
Statistics B.S., Minor M.S., M.A.S., Ph.D. Certificate of Graduate Study in Applied Statistics applied statistics, distance grad_degree programs, actuary, math, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree, other
Theatre B.A., Minor M.A., M.A.T, M.F.A.    acting, costume design, lighting design, scenic design, arts_type, undergraduate_degree, grad_degree
Women's and Gender Studies B.A., Minor   Certificate of Graduate Study in Women's and Gender Studies women, gender, sexuality, sexuality, feminism, humanities, undergraduate_degree, other, interdisciplinary

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