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College of Arts and Sciences

Undergraduate Research

Hands-on experience with the methods of scientific inquiry and the dissemination of neuroscience research is the cornerstone of the Major and Minor in Neuroscience.

Individual Research Requirement

Both the B.S. in Neuroscience and the Neuroscience Minor require students to undertake neuroscience research for credit as part of their program of study. 

Individual research, also sometimes referred to as independent research or independent study, is research a student undertakes with a faculty mentor. Once a faculty mentor is identified, the student and mentor complete a contract for the work, outlining the topic and scope of the work that is to be completed and how the work will be evaluated. Once this contract is completed, it is sent for various approvals (advisors, program directors, department chairs, etc.) and then a unique section of the individual research course is created for the student to register in.

Starting in Fall 2022, Neuroscience majors and minors will be encouraged to complete their research under the course code NSCI 498 if they are working with any faculty within the College of Arts and Sciences or the School of Medicine as this will streamline the approval process. However, research undertaken under any major independent research code can be counted as long as the research is in the field of neuroscience and is approved by the Neuroscience Program Director (e.g., BIOL 399, PSYC 498, PSYC 499, SCHC 399, BMEN 499).

Students switching to the Neuroscience Major

If you have already completed the research requirement as part of the Neuroscience Minor, those credits can count toward the requirement for the major (note: the major requires 3 credits, while the minor requires 2-3 credits, so if you only have 2 research credits for the minor you will need to complete 1 additional credit).

Only neuroscience-focused independent research can be applied to the major. If you have already completed independent research for your current major that you think is appropriate, it will have to be evaluated and approved by the Neuroscience Program Director. A form and instructions for submitting prior independent research for approval will be available on the Neuroscience website.


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