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Undergraduate Research

Register Your Project

Are you a USC undergrad working with a mentor or supervisor on a research, scholarly or creative project? If so, enter your project(s) in the OUR Research Registry. 

Register Today

Undergraduate students from all USC system campuses who engage in research, scholarly or creative projects with a mentor or supervisor must register their projects in the OUR Research Registry. 

For independent study course credit, you must ALSO submit an Independent Study Contract form through your academic advisor.


How and When to Register

You must complete a new form for EVERY semester of work on your project(s) (fall, spring and/or summer). You may enter projects completed during past semesters.

Not sure if you've registered your project this semester?

  • Contact us at before submitting so we can verify if you are registered for the semester.

Working on more than one project?

  • If the projects are with the same mentor or group, submit only one form.
  • If you are working with different mentors on different projects, please submit one form for each project.


Entering Your Project Mentor or Supervisor

All entries must include the name and contact information of your project supervisor or research mentor. Do NOT enter your own email address. Please review the mentor eligibility information below before submitting.

Immediately upon submission, your project supervisor/mentor will receive an email asking them to confirm that you are working together and, at the end of the semester, will verify your experience using the evaluation form/rubric (pdf). (The rubric document provides information on how data from this system may be used.)

Mentor Eligibility

Only mentors who fit one or more of the following descriptions, who have supervised your project, are permitted to approve your entry:

  • USC-affiliated faculty member, professional staff member or postdocs (graduate students are not acceptable for signatory purposes but are permitted as daily advisers or co-mentors)
  • Non-USC faculty members, if the experience occurred at another institution (including research abroad activities)
  • Community agency directors, if your experience occurred in conjunction with or at a service, work site, internship, etc., including research abroad

For questions, please contact us via email ( or phone (803-777-1141).


Faculty Research Rubric Committee

Many thanks to the dedicated faculty who worked diligently to make this document possible:

Reginald Bain, Professor, School of Music
Michael Gavin, Associate Professor, English Language and Literature
John Grady, Associate Professor, Sport and Entertainment Management
Jerry Hilbish, Professor, Biological Sciences
Kate Holland, Associate Professor, Psychology; USC Lancaster
Laura Kissel, Professor & Director, School of Visual Art and Design
Lite Nartey, Assistant Professor, International Business
Charles Pierce, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michelle Vieyra, Associate Professor, Biology & Geology; USC Aiken
Sara Wilcox, Professor, Exercise Science





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