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Digital Accessibility

Reviewing Digital Content & Properties

All digital content, services, tools and other technology at the University of South Carolina will be reviewed for accessibility compliance at regular intervals through the audit procedure. 

Digital Accessibility Compliance Reviews

The Director of Digital Accessibility will conduct rolling reviews of digital content across the university using an audit process, in order of priority and oldest previous review date to most current.

  1. The Director of Digital Accessibility performs automated and manual testing.
    Each digital property will be reviewed by the Director of Digital Accessibility for accessibility compliance. 
  2. The responsible unit or department receives their accessibility review. 
    The Director of Digital Accessibility sends the review to the Site Manager, digital platform business owner or the party responsible for the digital property, identifying any issues and how to correct them. The report will include a compliance score for the digital property from 1 (many accessibility issues) to 5 (zero or virtually zero accessibility issues). 
  3. Fixes are made.
    The Site Manager or party responsible for the digital property fixes the issues in the review. If fixes cannot be made immediately, the responsible party must have a plan for fixing the issues within a specific period of time. The responsible party lets the Director of Digital Accessibility know when they believe the fixes to be made or a plan to be in place.
  4. Follow up accessibility review.
    The Director of Digital Accessibility reviews the digital property in question again to ensure fixes have been made. If not, the director and responsible party repeat steps and 3 and 4. 
  5. Review considered closed until next time. 
    Once all issues have been addressed, the audit process is finished and the issues are considered resolved until it's time for the digital property to come up for review again.


Consistent Low Compliance Scores

Units, departments and parties responsible for digital assets that have a low accessibility compliance score over the course of multiple review rounds may need additional training or a meeting with the Director of Digital Accessibility.

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