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Digital Accessibility

Site Managers

Each site built and managed in the university's content management system Omni CMS has at least one assigned Site Manager who oversees the quality, accuracy and accessibility of their site's digital content.

Site Managers are the accessibility gatekeepers for sites built and managed in Omni CMS.

A Site Manager has the final word on accessibility for their site in the Omni CMS content management system. They work with Content Creators to ensure everything shared on their site complies with WCAG Level AA accessibility guidelines.


Review Changes from Content Creators
Oversee changes, ensuring Content Creators don’t publish anything that is non-compliant. A workflow in the Omni CMS CMS that requires changes to be submitted for approval may be warranted.

Become Highly Conversant in Digital Accessibility
Master accessibility compliance via training.

Respond to Site Reviews
Fix issues that come up in the Digital Accessibility Director’s reviews of their site. 

Communicate Vigorously
Alert Digital Strategy and/or the Director of Digital Accessibility when making large-scale changes or implementing a new digital property of any kind.

Ensure Accessibility Progress
Continually keep their site on track toward achieving accessibility goals.

Review Documents
Review documents (PDFs, Word docs, slides, etc.) for accessibility issues before publishing to the unit site. Report any issues to the document author for correction.

Help Content Creators Make Changes
If a requested change violates standards, help the Content Creator find another solution that works. Alternatively, the Site Manager can implement accessibility solutions without the help of a Content Creator.


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