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Digital Accessibility


When reviewing new digital contracts, Procurement staff and those involved in the procurement process must ensure the new platform, tool or property complies with accessibility guidelines. All new digital purchases should be reviewed by the Director of Digital Accessibility and any issues found must be fixed or have a plan in place for remediation before the contract can be finalized.

Digital accessibility checks will be in place for new digital contracts and those coming up for renewal.

Part of the Procurement review process will include steps to ensure the accessibility of digital assets before they are launched or implemented.


Vet New Digital Properties
Evaluate digital contracts in accordance with accessibility criteria. Flag areas where the digital tool or service does not comply and communicate needed fixes to the third-party, with the help of the Director of Digital Accessibility.

Organize an Accessibility Review
Work with the Director of Digital Accessibility to ensure potential new third-party products are examined according to set accessibility criteria and reviewed for compliance issues.

Follow Up on Compliance Fixes
Current products that are found to have compliance issues must be able to be remediated by their company owners within a specific time frame or replaced with accessible products.

Ensure New Third-Party Products are Added to the Master List
Once a new product is implemented, coordinate with the Director of Digital Accessibility to add it to the Master List of university digital assets.

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