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Digital Accessibility

Faculty & Instructors

All faculty members and instructors at the university are responsible for providing accessible educational materials to their students including content shared via an online classroom, Blackboard, email or any other platform.

Accessible content allows for more inclusive and personalized education.

When our faculty members and instructors take the lead in making their course materials accessible, all students have a chance to learn and perform better.


Create Accessible Course Materials
All course content, whether distributed via Blackboard, online classroom platforms, email or any other way, should comply with digital accessibility guidelines.

Make Accessibility Part of Daily Work
All content that could possibly be shared in a digital context (which will be most content) should be created according to accessibility standards from the outset.

Ensure Any Digital Classroom Platforms Are Accessible
Any and all educational platforms used to facilitate online classes will need to be accessible and follow the procedures for third-party digital tools and platforms.
Procedures for Third-Party Digital Tools & Platforms »

Respond to Requests from Digital Accessibility Team
Make any requested changes regarding accessibility of content that will go online or in any digital product. 

Train in Accessibility Compliance
Attend training for making daily course content accessible and become well-versed in digital accessibility standards.

Respond to Audits
Fix accessibility issues raised in regular audits of the university's digital content.

Ensure Documents and Media Are Accessible
Check each new PDF, Word document and other files along with any videos or audio for compliance with digital accessibility standards before sharing online.

Teach the Next Generation
Whenever possible, instructors should incorporate accessibility standards into their requirements for projects created by students to be shared in a digital context.

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