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Digital Accessibility

Formstack Forms

Formstack is the only third-party form creation tool outside of Omni CMS forms that has been vetted for accessibility. You can use Formstack forms without the need for an accessibility review. 

Formstack Explanatory Text

How you provide explanatory text or instructions for your Formstack form will depend on whether your instructions apply to a single field or the whole form.

Field-Specific Instructions

You should add instructions that only apply to one field as a legend in a field set. If it isn't properly marked as such, screen readers won't be able to read your content in "Forms" mode.

Whole Form Instructions

You should add instructions that apply to the whole form as content on the page, outside of the form. This ensures screen readers do not skip it and that the instructions are read before users begin entering information.

Do Not Use the Signature Block

Unfortunately, the signature block widget in Formstack is not accessible. If you need the person filling out the form to agree to something, you can use a check box instead of a signature. If you truly need people to sign the form, you will need to make the form printable.

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