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Digital Accessibility

Real Students Real Barriers

Ignoring digital accessibility is a serious problem, one that creates real barriers to learning and other formative experiences for students with disabilities at our university. 

More Than 10% of All USC Students Have Registered with a Disability

In 2019, the Student Disability Resource Center had 3,239 students officially register with a disability, nearly 12% of the university's student body that year.

Thousands More Not Registered

Many students who need digital content presented in an accessible format either do not identify themselves as having a disability or, for any number of reasons, do not want to officially register their disability with the Student Disability Resource Center.

No Way to Know How Many

There is no way for the university to know the real number of how many students need accessible digital content at any given time on campus. All we do know is that it is far more than the 12% reported. 


Straight from a Student

  • Sarah, a former USC student, sits with her hands in front of her at a table in a campus computer lab.

    Sarah Massengale Talks about Digital Accessibility

    Note that Sarah has included audio descriptions for this video to help those with vision-related disabilities access the same information that others are getting visually.


Accessibility is Inclusivity

Learn how creating accessible digital content helps everyone—not just a select few.
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