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Digital Accessibility

Director of Digital Accessibility

The Director of Digital accessibility leads all digital accessibility efforts at the university, oversees the Digital Accessibility Committee and serves as a resource for all other roles when it comes to accessibility compliance.

The director champions accessibility for all things digital and helps others do the same. 

The Director of Digital Accessibility serves as the leading voice for a more inclusive, accessible digital campus at USC.


Continually Audit Digital Products
Perform regular accessibility audits for all digital assets at the university, documenting and reporting issues to the responsible parties for resolution and following up to ensure issues have been fixed. 

Own the Master List
Own and maintain the master list of sites and all digital assets. 

Define and Lead Training Efforts
Define and manage required accessibility trainings for multiple types of content managers and creators, updating training curricula when needed and offering additional trainings as requested or required.

Lead the Digital Accessibility Committee
Organize and head up meetings, delegating tasks to those inside and outside the committee.

Attack Accessibility Issues
Become the point-person for ensuring the university stays on track toward accessibility goals.

Work with Procurement
Coordinate with procurement to set review, testing, and vetting standards for third-party products.

Liase with Division of IT
Work with Division of IT to ensure their work meet accessibility standards and to implement training for their teams.

Report to the CIO and University Leadership
Report regularly to the CIO and provide the Accessibility Committee with the monthly agenda to include: audited sites, initiatives under way, issues to be resolved and any other important items for discussion.

Document Progress
Outline progress and success measures for the effort as a whole, documented for all members of the university community to see the success milestones and timeline for the digital accessibility program as a whole.

Respond to Questions and Complaints
Review reported issues and questions as they come in, helping to resolve more complicated issues directly. 

Define and carry out ways to keep digital accessibility at the forefront of digital efforts and teach those working with digital assets better and better digital accessibility practices.

Advocate for Accessibility
Suggest and oversee new initiatives and projects to help continually improve accessibility at USC.

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