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Digital Accessibility

Columns in Word

You can create true columns in Microsoft Word within the Layout tab—never try to create columns using the Tab key.

How to Create Columns in Word

Unlike tables in Word, which should be used to present data, columns can be a great tool for establishing the visual layout of your document. It's important that you use true columns and avoid creating columns with the Tab key so that the document's reading order is logical for screen reader users.

To add true columns to your document:

  1. Navigate to the Layout tab in the ribbon.
  2. Select Columns in the Page Setup group.
  3. Select More Columns... and then set the number of columns, width of each column, and spacing between columns.
    Screenshot of the Columns dialog in Word. The number of columns selected is 3 with a column width of 1.83 inches and spacing of 0.5 inches between columns. The Equal column width checkbox is selected.
    The Columns dialog in Word.

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