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Digital Accessibility

Examples of Alt Text

It takes practice to write meaningful alt text. If you aren't sure how much information to include in your alt text, reference the following examples for help.

Alt Text for Different Types of Images

  • A Group of Students

    Alt Text: Four students pose on the shady horseshoe, with the two students in the front throwing their hands up.

  • Details on Campus

    Alt Text: The USC smoke stack stands tall before the bright blue, partly cloudy sky.

  • Headshot

    Alt Text: Close-up of a student sitting next to her practice piano.


  • Logo

    Alt Text: University of South Carolina logo.


  • Decorative Icon

    You can mark this image as decorative or leave the alt attribute null. 
    It doesn't contribute any useful information to the page.


Examples for Other Types of Images

The examples above cover many common scenarios for writing alt text, but do not include the following image types:

Step-By-Step Instructions for Writing Alt Text

Follow these steps to ensure you write clear, effective alt text for your images every time.

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