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Digital Accessibility

Policy & Procedures

Our digital accessibility policy and the procedures in place for a number of situations related to our ongoing, university-wide efforts for improved inclusivity, a better online campus experience and digital accessibility compliance.

Digital Accessibility Policy

All digital content and technology created, owned, or used by the university must comply with WCAG Level AA guidelines, the accepted standard for digital accessibility.

IT Policy 5.00 - Digital Accessibility [pdf]


How far does the policy extend? 

The digital accessibility policy and its accompanying procedures extend to any digital content, property or technology using USC resources, including but not limited to the university's funds, workforce or infrastructure.


Digital Accessibility Procedures 

IT Policy 5.00 - Digital Accessibility [pdf] references procedures related to different areas of the digital accessibility effort at the university.

Reporting an Accessibility Issue

Anyone within the university or the general public can report an accessibility issue directly to the Director of Digital Accessibility.

Responding to an Accessibility Issue

The Director of Digital Accessibility serves as a single point of contact for all digital accessibility complaints.

Training & Onboarding

Anyone who creates, manages, edits or purchases digital content or properties for the university will receive digital accessibility training.  

Creating Content That Could Be Used Digitally

If you create any content for the university that could possibly be shared in a digital context, or oversee the creation of any content that could be shared digitally, you must create that content following accessibility guidelines.

Building New Sites, Apps or Digital Properties

 It's your responsibility to ensure your new site, app or digital property is built according to the correct procedures and in compliance with WCAG Level AA accessibility guidelines. 

Third-Party Digital Tools and Platforms

You are responsible for ensuring any third-party digital product that you purchase or use for free goes through the proper accessibility review process, following the correct procedure.

Auditing Digital Content & Properties

All digital content, services, tools and other technology at the University of South Carolina will be reviewed for accessibility compliance at regular intervals through the audit procedure. 

Requests for Accessibility Accommodations in Non-Digital Spaces

If you or someone you know needs accessibility accommodations, the Student Disability Resource Center oversees these requests for physical spaces.


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