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School of Medicine Columbia

  • Doctor standing next to an MRI


Our curriculum is integrated into the medical program and will give you the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology and see how it impacts patient care.

Dedicated to Patient Care

Our medical program isn't just training South Carolina's next generation of physicians. We're training caring, compassionate physicians who always put the patient first. That's why we train each student to effectively communicate with the patient and the patient's family. During your third year, you'll begin your clinical work and you'll get real-world practice explaining complicated medical decisions to patients in a way that's clear and compassionate. 


Year 1

The MI curriculum is coordinated with the Gross Anatomy course in the first semester. Students will review relevant anatomic clinical imaging which demonstrate the anatomic areas of study and we will introduce common clinical pathologic conditions which are related to the specific anatomy being studied in lecture and Gross Anatomy Lab.


Year 2

The MII curriculum extends throughout the second year and is coordinated with the Introduction to Clinical Medicine course. Students will review imaging from an organ system that correlates with physical diagnosis material and relevant pathology. Imaging choices directed to specific clinical situations are emphasized with an anatomic review of the region being studied.


Year 3

The MIII curriculum is a brief one week introduction to clinical radiology to assist in understanding clinical imaging choices that develop during the third year clerkships. Basic radiology interpretation skills in plain x-ray interpretation and web-based tutorials are used. Clinical time is scheduled in a hospital setting to show workings of busy clinical practice.


Year 4

The MIV curriculum is a four-week course to give a wider experience in radiology for the senior student. Conferences and modules are scheduled throughout the month that include anatomy reviews, imaging decisions and interpretation skills. Clinical time is scheduled in a hospital setting to show workings of busy clinical practice. Specific areas of emphasis are directed to the students’ upcoming residency. Tutorials using web-based instruction are emphasized as a future reference. Students prepare and give a short clinical presentation in a small group session on a topic of their choosing that may be of benefit in their upcoming residency.

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