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Our collections include manuscripts, electronic records and audiovisual materials documenting the activities of South Carolina’s leaders in Congress and the General Assembly, the state’s political parties, and other individuals and organizations playing substantive roles in politics and government. 

Any collection noted as "closed" is not available for research until its arrangement and description have been completed.

 Collection Resources Keywords
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Anderson, Joseph F., Jr. (b. 1949) Currently closed Bench and Bar, State Leaders
Appleby, Charles L., Jr. (b. 1923) Finding aid  Republican Party
Ashmore, Robert T. (1904-1989) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Congress, Oral History 
Barley, Willis Bryant "Bill," Jr. (b. 1941) Currently closed  
Barron, Keller (b. 1932) Finding aid  
Bass, Jack (b. 1934) Finding aid  
Bates, Lester Lee, Sr. (1904-1988) Finding aid  
Battiste, Luther James, III (b. 1949) Finding aid  
Baxley, John Michael (b. 1956) Currently closed  
Beasley, Gov. and Mrs. David, and Nancy Bunch Oral history transcript  
Blatt, Solomon (1895-1986) Finding aid
Digitized materials
Boineau, Charles E., Jr. (1923-2005) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Brack, Andy (b. circa 1961) Oral history transcript  
Bryson, Joseph R. (1893-1953) Finding aid  
Campbell, Carroll A., Jr. (1940-2005) Finding aid  
Campbell, Mrs. Carroll A., and son Mike Oral history transcript  
Chadwick, Thomas W. (1923-2011) Oral history transcript  
Chapman, Robert F. (b. 1926) Oral history transcript  
Clyburn, James E. (b.1940) Currently closed  
Cook, Crawford (1934-2016) Oral history transcript  
Cook, W. A. “Al” (1925-c. 2005) Oral history transcript  
Cooksey, Jesse L. (1932-2016) Oral history transcript  
Copps, Michael (b. 1940) Oral history transcript  
Crocker, Virginia Leaman "Ginger" (b. 1951) Currently closed  
Culbertson, John Bolt (1908-1983) Finding aid  
Dell, Wayne Eric  Currently closed  
Democratic Party of South Carolina Finding aid  
Democratic Women's Council of South Carolina Finding aid  
Dennis, Rembert C. (1915-1992) Finding aid  
Derrick, Butler (1936-2014) Finding aid
Digitized materials
Dorn, Watson, and Steve Griffith Oral history transcript  
Dorn, William Jennings Bryan (1916-2005) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Oral history transcript
Digitized materials
Drummond, John (1919-2016) Finding aid  
Edens, J. Drake, Jr. (1925-1982) Finding aid  
Edens, Martha (c. 1928-2015) Oral history transcript  
Edwards, Governor James B., Mrs. Ann Edwards, and children James B. Edwards, Jr., and Katherine Edwards Wingate Oral history transcript  
Edwards, James B. (1927-2014) Currently closed  
Environmentalists, Inc. Finding aid  
Ferillo, Charles T. "Bud" (b. 1945) Finding aid  
Forbes, Wanda L. (b. 1925) Finding aid  
Fowler, Donald L. (b. 1935) Currently closed  
Gasque, Allard Henry (1873-1938) Finding aid  
Glad, Betty (1927-2010) Finding aid  
Graham, Lindsey O. (b. 1955) Currently closed  
Graydon, Augustus T. "Gus" (1916-2004) Oral history transcript  
Gressette, L. Marion (1902-1984) Finding aid  
Grose, Philip G. (1938-2012) Finding aid  
Gunn, Anton J. (b. 1973) Currently closed  
Hamby, Lottie D. "Dolly" (1918-2001) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Hare, Butler Black (1875-1967) Finding aid  
Harper, Walter W. Oral history transcript  
Harrell, Flynn T., Collection on the Separation of Church and State Finding aid  
Harrelson, James P. "Preacher" (1919-2003) Oral history transcript  
Harris, Raymond A. (1927-2016) Currently closed  
Harvin, C. Alexander, III (1950-2005) Finding aid  
Hayes, Rita Derrick (b. 1942) Currently closed  
Hemphill, Robert W. (1915-1983) Finding aid  
Hendricks, Lloyd I. (b. 1942) Finding aid  
Hoagland, Jim (b.1940) Currently closed  
Hodges, Governor James H., and Mrs. Rachel Hodges Oral history transcript  
Hodges, James H. "Jim" (b. 1956) Currently closed  
Holland, Donald H. (1928-2003) Finding aid  
Simkins, Modjeska (1899-1992) Finding aid
Digitized materials
 Other Collections
Hollings, Ernest F. "Fritz" (1922-2019) Finding aid
Digitized materials
Oral history transcript
Hughes, Mary Winton Oral history transcript  
Hull, Edward Whaley Seabrook (1923-2007) Finding aid  
Hunter, Thomas William "Bill" (1906-1979) Finding aid  
Inglis, Robert Durden "Bob" (b. 1959) Currently closed   
Johnson, I.S. Leevy (b. 1942) Currently closed  
Johnston, Olin Dewitt Talmadge (1896-1965) Finding aid
Digitized film
Kattenburg, Paul M. (1922-2004) Finding aid  
Kelly, Mary T. (1923-2013) Finding aid  
Littlejohn, C. Bruce (1913-2007) Finding aid  
Keyserling, Harriet H. (1922-2010) Finding aid  
Kollmansperger, Karen (1941-2012) Oral history transcript  
Lardner, Walt (b. 1931) Finding aid
Digital exhibit
League of Women Voters of Columbia/Richland County Finding aid  
League of Women Voters of South Carolina Finding aid  
League of Women Voters of Spartanburg Finding aid  
Leverette, Sarah (1919-2018) Finding aid  
Lourie, Isadore E. (1932-2003) Finding aid  
Mann, James R. (1920-2010) Finding aid  
Manning, Bernard (b. 1925) Finding aid  
Manning, Samuel P. (1926-1999) Finding aid  
Marchant, T. Eston (1920-2006) Finding aid  
Martin, John A. (1921-2009) Oral history transcript  
Martschink, Sherry Shealy (b. 1949) Currently closed  
Mauldin, Doug (1933-2007) Finding aid  
Maupin, Joe (1933-2015) Oral history transcript  
Maybank, Burnet Rhett (1899-1954)    
McDonald, Heyward E. (1925-2000) Finding aid  
McMaster, Henry Dargan (b. 1947) Currently closed  
McMillan, John L. (1898-1979) Finding aid  
McMillan, Thomas S. & Clara G. (1888-1939 & 1894-1976) Finding aid  
McNair, Governor Robert E., and Mrs. Josephine McNair Oral history transcript  
McNair, Robert E. (1923-2007) Finding aid
Digitized materials
Oral history transcript
Digital exhibit
Meng, Bernard B. "Bubba" (b. 1938) Oral history transcript  
Monteith, Martha (b. 1921) Finding aid  
Moore, Nancy (b. 1939) Finding aid  
Moore, Richter H., Jr. (1928-1996) Finding aid  
Morrah, P. Bradley, Jr. (1915-1992) Finding aid  
Morris, Edgar L. and Ann B. (1911-1975 & 1917-2006) Finding aid  
Moxon, Barbara (1921-2011) Finding aid  
Mulvaney, John Michael "Mick" (b. 1967) Currently closed  
Napier, John Light (b. 1947) Oral history transcript  
Nave, John & Erminie (b. 1921 & b. 1923) Finding aid  
Newman, Isaiah DeQuincey (1911-1985) Finding aid
Digitized materials
Occupy Columbia    
Palmer, Kate Salley (b. 1946) Currently closed  
Parker, Marshall (1922-2008) Oral history transcript  
Patterson, Elizabeth J. (1939-2018) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Patterson, Grady L., Jr. (1924-2009) Finding aid  
Payne, Martha (1922-2014) Oral history transcript  
Perry, Matthew J., Jr. (1921-2011) Oral history transcript  
Peterson, Terry K. (b.1945) Currently closed  
Pope, Thomas Harrington, Jr. (1913-1999) Oral history transcript  
Powell, C. Kenneth (b. 1939) Finding aid  
Ravenel, Arthur Jr. (b. 1927) Oral history transcript  
Ravenel, Charles D. "Pug" (1938-2017) Finding aid  
Ravenel, Hal (b. 1940) Oral history transcript  
Republican Party of South Carolina Finding aid  
Rice, Hugh Thompson, Jr. (b. 1957) Currently closed  
Richards, James P. (1894-1979) Finding aid  
Riley, Ann Yarborough "Tunky" (1935-2008) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Oral history transcript
Riley, Edward P. "Ted" (1900-1994) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Riley, Governor Richard W., Mrs. Ann “Tunky” Riley, and son Ted Riley Oral history transcript  
Riley, Richard W. (b. 1933) Finding aid  
Roettinger, Ruth Locke (c. 1905-2005) Finding aid  
Rogers, Joseph O., Jr. (1921-1999) Finding aid  
Ross, Daniel I., Jr. (1923-2008)

Finding aid
Oral history transcript

Rubin, Hyman S. (1913-2005) Oral history transcript  
Russell, Donald S. (1906-1998) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Digital exhibit
Saleeby, Edward E. (1927-2002) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Sanford, Marshall C. "Mark" Jr. (b. 1960) Currently closed  
Scott, Sallie Oral history transcript  
Shorey, Gregory D. (b. 1924) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Smith, Frances (c. 1920-2009) Oral history transcript  
Smoak, Marion (b. 1916) Finding aid  
South Carolina Coalition for the ERA Finding aid  
South Carolinians for Eisenhower Finding aid  
Spence, Floyd D. (1928-2001) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Oral history transcript
Spratt, John M., Jr. (b. 1942) Currently closed  
Tallon, Robert M. "Robin" (b. 1946) Currently closed  
Tenenbaum, Inez M. (b. 1951) Currently closed  
Theodore, Nick A. (b. 1928) Finding aid  
Thigpen, Neal D. (b. ?) Currently closed  
Timmerman, George Bell, Jr. (1912-1994) Finding aid  
Toal, Jean Hoefer (b. 1943) Currently closed  
Turnipseed, Tom Currently closed  
Vertical Files Inventory  
Waddell, James M., Jr. (1922-2003) Finding aid
Oral history transcript
Waites, Candy Yaghjian (b. 1943) Finding aid  
Walker, Harry (1929-2008) Oral history transcript  
Walker, Richard L. "Dixie" (1922-2003) Finding aid
Digitized materials
Walters, Johnnie M. (1919-2014) Finding aid  
West, Governor John C., Mrs. Lois West, and daughter Shelton West Bosley Oral history transcript  
West, John Carl (1922-2004) Finding aid
Digitized materials
Oral history transcript
Digital exhibit
West, Lois (1921-2014) Oral history transcript
Oral history transcript
Wickenberg, Charles H., Jr. (1923-2004) Finding aid  
Wilkins, David H. (b. 1946) Currently closed  
Wilkins, William W. (b. 1942) Currently closed  
Williams, Isaac W. "Ike" (1945-2008) Oral history transcript  
Williams, Marshall (1912-1995) Oral history transcript  
Wilson, Addison Graves "Joe" (b. 1947) Currently closed  
Workman, William D., Jr. (1914-1990) Finding aid  
Wyche, Charles Cecil (1885-1966) Finding aid  
Wyman, Hastings (b. 1939) Finding aid  
Zeigler, Eugene N. "Nick," Jr. (1921-2012) Finding aid  



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