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Arnold School of Public Health

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Feifei Xiao

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Arnold School of Public Health
Phone: 803-777-8936
Office: Discovery 449
915 Greene Street
Resources: Google Scholar

Curriculum Vitae

Research and Teaching Interests

Dr. Xiao's research mainly focuses on the development and application of powerful and efficient statistical methods for high throughput genetic data, driven by the challenges arising from the modern biology technologies such as microarray and next-generation sequencing. She specifically works on gene-gene/environment interactions, chromosomal copy number variation, integrative analysis of ‘omic’ data (such as SNP, methylation and expression data), and RNA-seq analysis. Much of her effort is motivated by ongoing collaboration projects in human complex diseases such as cancer, maternal and child health. She is interested in providing efficient statistical tools to integrate the genetic data into practice of precision medicine.