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Mellon Foundation grant will strengthen South Carolina's founding documents program

The University of South Carolina will enhance its research and teaching of America's founding documents through a new grant from the Mellon Foundation, the nation's largest funder of the arts, culture and humanities.

Research cruise leads to discovery at awe-inspiring Lost City

Stone chimneys and rock formations stretched high off the Atlantic Ocean floor. The network of vents spewed a constant flow of water warmed by the Earth’s mantle. Newly formed organic compounds, forged underground, floated in the current. Bacteria basked in the warm water.

Pinckney Papers project reaches historic milestone, nears completion

The University of Virginia has released the fourth volume of the Papers of the Revolutionary Era Pinckney Statesmen, led by USC professor emerita Constance B. Schulz and chronicling over fifty years of American and South Carolina history through letters, journals and other records of the Pinckney family.

Senior initiates new resource for students starting out with statistics

Lauren Young never thought her journey with statistics would lead her to the front of a lecture hall full. This fall, Young launched a new supplemental instruction course to serve statistics students, the first offered in the department.

Mood indigo: Alumna brings back SC cash crop

Indigo is tightly woven into South Carolina history, but few have worked with the rich natural dye since it was replaced by synthetic dyes nearly 150 years ago. Caroline Harper is bringing it back.

Yi Sun uses mathematical modeling to advance research goals in biomedical engineering and public health

With Yi Sun’s help over the past decade, medical researchers are moving toward an innovation that could save thousands of lives each year: the development of 3-D printed artificial organs.

Better teaching through chemistry

Amy Taylor-Perry sometimes jokes with her students that they’re learning chemistry from a high school dropout. It’s actually not a joke — Taylor-Perry, a senior instructor in chemistry, really did drop out as a single mom, and was a mother of three before she went back to college.

Social justice awards recognize outstanding student, faculty members

Four faculty members and a student have been recognized for their social justice efforts on campus and in the larger community as 2023 Social Justice Award winners.

Why is 13 considered unlucky?

Distinguished professor emeritus of sociology Barry Markovsky writes for The Conversation about the superstition around the number 13.

Nine faculty honored as new McCausland Fellows for 2023

Clean water access, autism intervention for infants, safer streets. These are only a few of the areas where the new McCausland Faculty Fellows in the College of Arts and Sciences are making major research contributions.

Art professor uses technology to keep class going during pandemic

Sara Schneckloth is a 2022 Mungo Graduate Teaching Award winner

Chemistry professor strives for understanding over memorizing

Sheryl Wiskur knows how hard organic chemistry is. She has been teaching at the University of South Carolina for 15 years. But more importantly, she struggled with it herself as an undergraduate.

Biological sciences professor always trying to improve

Whenever possible, Andy Schumpert likes to start the workday with a loop around the Horseshoe.

When Dance and Science Collide

During my sophomore year of college, I learned that I have a strong love for the medical field. I took on the minors to support my pre-med track and wish to someday help dancers.

Cellular biologist champions research opportunities for underrepresented students

Armstrong is using funding from the Science Diversity Leadership Award to support intensive research experiences for undergraduate and graduate students of color in her lab and outreach to K-12 students in historically excluded groups.

Graduate Spotlight

Josh Dixon came to USC in his 30s and quickly found the direction for his career thanks to help from his media arts professors. During an internship with Professor Northrop Davis, he helped prepare a pitch to publish a graphic novel Davis is creating with USC alumni artists and writers.

Graduate Spotlight: Jacqueline Purtell

Statistics graduate Jackie Purtell knows it takes more than good luck to find the right path. When she found her direction, she got on track to a career as a Quantitative Analyst.

Criminology professor guides students through complex concepts

Cory Schnell has always wanted to be a teacher, but he says his favorite part about teaching is just guiding his students through conversations that help them understand concepts of criminology and the criminal justice system.

Graduate Spotlight: Sarah Hall

Marine science doctoral graduate, Sarah Hall, was once afraid of the ocean's power and mystery. Those same unknowns eventually inspired her to pursue a career in physical oceanography at NOAA.

Remains of Revolutionary War soldiers help USC anthropologists unravel the Battle of Camden

Archaeologists with the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology at USC have studied the Camden Battlefield for decades, but their most recent finding is the discovery of a lifetime.

Statistics graduate scores dream job with NFL team

Nick Tice is an integral part of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals football team. But you won’t find him on the field. Tice watches the game as it happens, along with countless other fans. The day after each game, he examines every second of every game through hundreds of thousands of data points.

New map shows Columbia's hot spots and cooling power of trees

Kristin Dow, a professor in the geography department, recently obtained Columbia's new heat map. Even for a city known for being "famously hot," the map of Columbia's heat held some surprises.

Love of golf and storytelling combine for media arts alum's career

Justin Tupper has built his career on golf and creativity. It's a connection he forged on golf courses in South Carolina's Lowcountry 30 years ago.

Bound by Blood

History professor’s new book looks at cross-cultural ties created by slavery in the U.S. Colonies.

Lessons in geography — and global citizenship

Geography professor Meredith DeBoom is a 2022 Mungo Undergraduate Teaching Award winner

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