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Digital Accessibility

Color Contrast Ratio is Too Low / Color Contrast does not Meet the Minimum Requirement

When text does not have enough color contrast against its background, it can be difficult to read for those with disabilities such as color blindness or low vision.

How to Fix your Color Contrast

To meet the color contrast requirement, you should have a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for normal text, and 3:1 for large text (18pt and above, or 14pt bold). Use WebAIM's Contrast Checker or TPGi's Color Contrast Analyzer to make sure that you are meeting the right contrast ratio.

Most text that you write in the CMS has sufficient color contrast by default. Black paragraph text and garnet headings & links have plenty of color contrast when you write them on a white background; however, be careful not to add garnet links to dark backgrounds like table headers because this will cause a color contrast failure.

Screenshot of a Responsive Table in the CMS. The first column header is a garnet link reading Screen Reader over a dark gray background.
Example of a color contrast failure in the CMS.

Images of text with insufficient color contrast may not be flagged by automated accessibility checkers, but you should still always check your contrast ratio for text within images so that it's readable for everybody.


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