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Digital Accessibility

Manual Testing Methodology

Websites created in Modern Campus CMS at the University of South Carolina will be manually reviewed for accessibility compliance at a regular cadence by following this established procedure.

Methodology for Reviewing a Unit Site

A member of our Digital Accessibility Team will perform the following steps for each Organizational Unit's website managed within Modern Campus CMS: 

  1. Consult the existing automated testing through Siteimprove to identify common issues on the unit site.
  2. Test for additional issues using assistive technology, and report issues with the WCAG Report Tool
  3. Catalogue identified issues and find commonalities between templates within Modern Campus CMS.
  4. Identify common content-specific issues between websites and pages.
  5. Communicate best practices to the site manager to resolve common issues.
  6. When outlying issues are identified, the Digital Accessibility Team will reach out to the site manager to assist with remediation steps.  
  7. When issues are outside a site manager's capabilities, the Digital Accessibility Team will coordinate with Communication's web team to address any known technological issues associated with the CMS or templates.  

What about other Websites?

Do you have a website created outside Modern Campus CMS that needs an accessibility review?

Schedule an accessibility review »

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