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Faculty/Staff Directory

Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Staff Acosta, Rachel M. Student Services Manager 803-777-3311 advisor, cic, student services staff CIC,College of Information and Communications,Undergraduate Student Services,Staff
Staff Arnold, Elaine Senior Director of Development 803-777-6898 CIC, development Alumni Relations and Development,Administration,Staff,College of Information and Communications,CIC
Faculty Arns, Jennifer Weil, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-2319 ischool, library Faculty-iSchool,iSchool
Staff Baker, Michaela Visual Communications Coordinator 803-777-2696 Staff,CIC,College of Information and Communications
Faculty Bowen, Shannon A., Ph.D. Professor 803-777-3764 sjmc, public relations SJMC Graduate Faculty,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,Public Relations
Faculty Brannon, Greg Instructor 803-777-9313 sjmc, broadcast SJMC,Journalism,Faculty-SJMC
Faculty Brook, Nina Instructor 803-576-6322 sjmc, journalism Journalism,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC
Staff Bullard, Lauren Assistant to the Director 803-777-3244 sjmc, staff SJMC,Staff
Faculty Burns, Andy Instructor 803-777-0205 sjmc, broadcast Journalism,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC
Faculty Campbell, Kenneth, Ph.D. Mass Communications Sequence Head Associate Professor 803-777-3316 sjmc,mass communications Mass Communications,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,SJMC
Faculty Carter, Shirley Staples, Ph.D. Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Professor 803-777-3324 cic, public relations, sjmc College of Information and Communications,Administration,Public Relations,Faculty-SJMC,CIC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,SJMC
Staff Cato, Camea Graduate Student Services Manager 803-777-5166 SJMC, student services, Ph.D., MMC, M.A. Graduate program Staff,SJMC,Graduate Student Services-SJMC
Staff Chappell-Fail, Jill Senior Information Resource Consultant 803-777-1928 cic, IT staff, College of Information and Communications,CIC,IT Staff,Staff
Faculty Chen, Yingying, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-576-7878 SJMC Graduate Faculty,Advertising,SJMC
Faculty Click, Carolyn Instructor 803-777-2307 SJMC, journalism Journalism,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC
Faculty Collins, Erik, Ph.D., J.D. Professor Emeritus 803-777-3310 SJMC Faculty-SJMC,SJMC
Faculty Cooke, Nicole A., Ph.D. Augusta Baker Endowed Chair Associate Professor iSchool,Faculty-iSchool
Faculty Copeland, Clayton A., Ph.D. Instructor 803-777-4311 library iSchool,Faculty-iSchool
Faculty Covington, Randy David Director of Special Projects Director of Newsplex 803-777-5998 cic,newsplex,journalism CIC,Faculty-SJMC,College of Information and Communications,Administration,SJMC
Staff D'Autel, Jens Pierre Eugene IT Admin/Buildings Manager 803-777-2750 cic,IT staff, Staff,CIC,IT Staff,College of Information and Communications
Faculty Davis, Kelly, APR, Fellow PRSA Public Relations Sequence Head 803-777-3427 sjmc, pr, public relations SJMC,Public Relations,Faculty-SJMC
Staff Dennis, Leslie Director of Scholastic Media Organizations 803-777-6146 sjmc,scholastic organizations,sipa,scspa,cji Staff,SJMC
Staff Farlowe, Art Senior Academic Advisor 803-250-6092 student services, cic CIC,Staff,College of Information and Communications,Undergraduate Student Services
Faculty Farrand, Scott Senior Instructor 803-777-6422 sjmc,visual communications, viscom Faculty-SJMC,SJMC
Staff Faulk, Christopher Office Coordinator 803-777-4102 CIC,College of Information and Communications,Staff
Staff Fetner, George Manager of Student Recruitment 803-777-5067 College of Information and Communications,Staff,CIC
Faculty Fitzpatrick, Mary Anne, Ph.D. Educational Foundation Distinguished Professor Director of Graduate Studies 803-777-4614 sjmc, mass communications SJMC Graduate Faculty,Mass Communications,Administration,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC
Faculty Fort, Valerie Byrd Instructor Coordinator, Cocky's Reading Express 803-777-1730 slis, cre Faculty-iSchool,iSchool,SCCCL,South Carolina Center for Community Literacy
Faculty Freeburg, Darin, Ph.D. Undergraduate Lead Associate Professor 803-777-0446 slis,information science iSchool,Faculty-iSchool
Staff Friedman, Rebekah Communications Manager 803-576-7270 cic, communications CIC,College of Information and Communications,Administration,Staff
Faculty Gavigan, Karen W., Ph.D. Professor 803-777-1676 school library Faculty-iSchool,iSchool
Faculty Grant, August (Augie) E., Ph.D. J. Rion McKissick Professor of Journalism Director, Center for Teaching Excellence 803-777-4464 sjmc,journalism Faculty-SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,SJMC,Journalism
Faculty Green, Lucy Santos, Ed.D. Associate Professor 803-777-2381 slis iSchool,Faculty-iSchool
Faculty Grigg, Ernie Instructor Faculty Advisor, The Carolina Agency 803-777-5479 SJMC, public relations Faculty-SJMC,Public Relations,SJMC
Faculty Habib, Sabrina H., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-576-6746 sjmc, vis com, visual communications SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,Faculty-SJMC,Visual Communications
Staff Hall, Patty A. Webmaster 803-777-6931 cic, IT CIC,College of Information and Communications,Staff
Staff Hartnett, Elizabeth J., Ph.D. Program Coordinator, South Carolina Center for Community Literacy 803-777-9714 SCCCL, South Carolina Center for Community Literacy,iSchool,SCCCL,Staff
Staff Heller, Demarcus Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-302-7986 staff, cic, Undergraduate Student Services,Staff,CIC,College of Information and Communications
Faculty Hickerson, Andrea, Ph.D. Director, School of Journalism and Mass Communications Associate Dean, College of Information and Communications 803-777-4979 Administration,SJMC,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty
Staff Hogg, Britt Greenhouse Studio Operation Manager Digital Sign Content Administrator 803-777-3248 SJMC, IT IT Staff,Staff,SJMC
Faculty Holmes, Cecile S. Associate Professor 803-777-5913 sjmc,journalism SJMC,Faculty-SJMC,Journalism
Faculty Hull, Kevin, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-4746 journalism, broadcast, sjmc Journalism,SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,Faculty-SJMC
Staff James, Rushondra J. Assistant Dean for Student Services 803-777-7066 student services, cic CIC,College of Information and Communications,Staff,Administration,Undergraduate Student Services
Faculty Jun, Jungmi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-576-5982 sjmc Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,Public Relations
Faculty Karami, Amir, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-0197 information science iSchool,Faculty-iSchool
Faculty Kawooya, Dick, Ph.D. Assistant Director, School of Information Science Associate Professor 803-777-4949 bsis,information science, ischool Administration,Faculty-iSchool,iSchool
Faculty Keisler, Jacqueline Instructor 803-777-3321 SJMC,Faculty-SJMC,Public Relations
Faculty Kim, Sei-Hill, Ph.D. Eleanor M. & R. Frank Mundy Professor 803-777-7037 sjmc,public relations Faculty-SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,SJMC
Faculty Kitzie, Vanessa Lynn, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-1136 faculty, Faculty-iSchool,iSchool
Faculty Kornegay, Van Cross Sequence Coordinator Associate Professor 803-777-6147 sjmc,viscom,visual communications SJMC,Administration,Faculty-SJMC
Faculty LaRoche, Michelle Baldwin Business and Financial Chair in Journalism Journalism Sequence Head 803-576-5941 sjmc, journalism Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,Journalism
Faculty Lankes, R. David, Ph.D. Director, School of Information Science Associate Dean, College of Information and Communications 803-777-3858 director, administration Administration,iSchool,Faculty-iSchool
Staff Leigh, Brytnee Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance 803-777-5066 cic, finance Staff,Administration,College of Information and Communications,CIC
Faculty Lewis, Elise C., Ph.D. Instructor 803-777-4688 information science iSchool,Faculty-iSchool,Information Science
Faculty Long, Jacob, Ph.D. Assistant Professor SJMC,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty
Faculty Mallia, Karen L. Professor 803-777-1154 sjmc,advertising Advertising,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC
Faculty Maye, Carmen, J.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-3301 sjmc,advertising SJMC,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,Advertising
Faculty McGill, Denise Ann Associate Professor 803-777-8707 sjmc,viscom, visual communications Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,Visual Communications
Faculty McKeever, Brooke Weberling, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Research Associate Professor 803-777-2050 sjmc,public relations Public Relations,SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,Administration,Faculty-SJMC
Faculty McKeever, Robert, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-1155 sjmc,public relations SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,Faculty-SJMC,Mass Communications
Faculty Mohammadi, Ehsan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-2324 slis iSchool,Faculty-iSchool
Staff Moody, Elexus Administrative Coordinator 803-777-6245 SJMC, iSchool,Staff
Staff Moorer, Terri S. Business and Grants Administrator 803-777-4663 cic Staff,College of Information and Communications,CIC
Faculty Mortensen, Tara Marie, Ph.D. Visual Communications Sequence Head Associate Professor 803-514-7015 sjmc,viscom, visual communications Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,Visual Communications,SJMC Graduate Faculty
Faculty Moscowitz, David, Ph.D. Instructor sjmc Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,Mass Communications
Faculty Moscowitz, Leigh, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-4417 sjmc, public relations SJMC Graduate Faculty,Public Relations,SJMC,Faculty-SJMC
Staff Mudunuri, Shirisha Career Services Manager 803-470-4459 cic College of Information and Communications,Staff,Undergraduate Student Services,CIC
Faculty Overton, Holly, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-5238 SJMC, Public Relations SJMC Graduate Faculty,Public Relations,SJMC,Faculty-SJMC
Faculty Pardun, Carol J., Ph.D. Professor 803-777-9572 sjmc,advertising Faculty-SJMC,Advertising,SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty
Staff Park, Kaitlyn Manager, Social Media Insights Lab 803-331-0236 cic, staff, communications development Staff,College of Information and Communications,CIC
Faculty Pellizzaro, Kirstin, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-576-5914 sjmc Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,Journalism,SJMC Graduate Faculty
Faculty Penka, Jeffrey Instructor 803-777-0207 SLIS iSchool,Faculty-iSchool
Faculty Peterson, Rick Senior Instructor 803-777-5203 sjmc,broadcast journalism Faculty-SJMC,Journalism,SJMC
Faculty Porter, Jason Instructor 803-777-3302 SJMC,Visual Communications,Faculty-SJMC
Faculty Purday, Marcia Cook, APR Instructor 803-318-3188 Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,Public Relations
Faculty Rathbun-Grubb, Susan R., Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-0485 slis Faculty-iSchool,iSchool
Faculty Reichert, Tom, Ph.D. Dean 803-777-4105 CIC, administration, dean Faculty-SJMC,CIC,Administration,College of Information and Communications,SJMC Graduate Faculty
Faculty Robertson, Brett W., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-6783 Faculty-SJMC,Mass Communications,SJMC Graduate Faculty,SJMC
Faculty Robinson, Eric P., J.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-9290 SJMC, Journalism SJMC,Faculty-SJMC,Mass Communications,SJMC Graduate Faculty
Faculty Robinson, Manie Sports Media Instructor 803-777-3314 Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,Journalism
Staff Rolli, Rachel Nichole Human Resources Manager Executive Assistant to the Dean 803-777-4105 cic Staff,Administration,College of Information and Communications,CIC
Staff Salter, Jeff Information Resource Consultant II 803-777-3185 cic, IT IT Staff,Staff,College of Information and Communications,CIC
Staff Shelek, Christine Executive Director, South Carolina Center for Community Literacy 803-777-1339 scccl South Carolina Center for Community Literacy,iSchool,SCCCL,Staff
Staff Singletary, Chinell S. Academic Advisor 803-250-1454 cic, student services, advisor Staff,CIC,Undergraduate Student Services,College of Information and Communications
Staff Singleton, Asia Administrative Assistant SJMC,Staff
Faculty Sisk, Lisabeth (Lisa) Senior Instructor sjmc,public relations SJMC,Faculty-SJMC,Public Relations
Faculty Smith, Laura K., Ph.D. Lecturer 803-777-5232 broadcast, sjmc Journalism,SJMC,Faculty-SJMC
Faculty Spiering, Jenna, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-2298 iSchool,Faculty-iSchool
Staff Stewart, Daniel M., III Manager of Technical Services Broadcast Engineer 803-777-8410 staff, sjmc, IT SJMC,Staff,IT Staff
Staff Stoehr, Madonna L. Program Coordinator for Distributed Learning 803-777-8068 slis,information science iSchool,Staff
Staff Stryffeler, Dora Undergraduate Academic Advisor 803-250-5917 cic, student services, advisor, advising CIC,College of Information and Communications,Staff,Undergraduate Student Services
Staff Stubblefield, Brittany Academic Advisor 803-542-9425 CIC,Staff,College of Information and Communications,Undergraduate Student Services
Faculty Tanner, Andrea, Ph.D. Professor Associate Dean, South Carolina Honors College 803-576-5633 sjmc,broadcast journalism,director Faculty-SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty,Journalism,SJMC
Staff Terry, Karson G. Assistant Director of Development 803-777-7118 cic, staff, development Alumni Relations and Development,Staff,College of Information and Communications,CIC
Faculty Thompson, Kim M., Ph.D. Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Associate Professor 803-777-0224 slis Faculty-iSchool,Administration,iSchool
Staff Thorp, Laura Elaine Graduate Student Services Manager 803-777-0270 Staff,iSchool,Graduate Student Services-iSchool
Faculty Tu-Keefner, Feili, Ph.D. Associate Professor 803-777-1026 slis Faculty-iSchool,iSchool
Staff Wallace, Debi Student Services Administrative Assistant 803-777-0068 cic,student services Undergraduate Student Services,CIC,Staff,College of Information and Communications
Staff Watson, Shana Student Services Program Coordinator 803-777-8750 student services, graduate iSchool,Graduate Student Services-iSchool,Staff
Faculty Wen, Taylor, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-3312 sjmc, advertising, SJMC Graduate Faculty,SJMC,Advertising,Faculty-SJMC
Faculty Wiggins, Ernest L. Associate Professor 803-777-3325 sjmc,journalism Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,Mass Communications
Faculty Williams, Jeffrey S., MFA Advertising Sequence Head Instructor 803-777-6827 advertising, SJMC Faculty-SJMC,Advertising,SJMC
Faculty Wu, Linwan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor 803-777-0771 sjmc, advertising SJMC,Advertising,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty
Faculty Xiao, Anli Assistant Professor 803-777-6093 Public Relations,Faculty-SJMC,SJMC,SJMC Graduate Faculty
Staff Zeigler, Lewis Information Resources Consultant 803-777-6496 cic, IT IT Staff,CIC,Staff,College of Information and Communications


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