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Information Science

Certificate and Specialist Programs

This information is for students in our advanced degree programs: the certificate in health communication, the certificate in library and information science, and the specialist in library and information science degree.

Certificate in Specialized Study in Information Science

Interested in a specific career in the field of library and information science? Our Certificate of Graduate Study is an 18-hour post-master’s degree program offering specialization in areas such as library administration, information science, technical services, information and records management, or information systems design.

This 12-hour certificate helps develop a deeper understanding of race and ethnicity, gender identity and expression, social class and poverty, and other sociocultural topics through the lens of information science.

Certificate of Graduate Study in Health Communication

The Certificate of Graduate Study in Health Communication is an interdisciplinary certificate administered by the Department of Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior; the School of Journalism and Mass Communications; and the School of Information Science.  This is an 18-hour post-bachelor's program which provides students with opportunities to strengthen their knowledge in health communication content, research methods, and application. Students will select Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior; Journalism and Mass Communications; or Library and Information Science as an interest area. 

Upon completion of the Specialist program: Students will demonstrate an understanding of their professional development goals; students will demonstrate an understanding of what specialized knowledge and/or skills are needed to meet their professional development goals; and, students will demonstrate specialized knowledge and/or skills in a specific chosen area of the field

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