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All University of South Carolina system institutions will be closed through the end of the spring semester. Columbia campus virtual instruction will continue through the conclusion of final exams in May. Details can be found on the coronavirus landing page.


For Credit Internships

Want to enroll in the JOUR 597: Internship in Mass Communications course? Not sure how to get started? We are here to help! See the steps required and other important information below. 

Steps to Registration

  1. Submit necessary documents via Internship Contract JotForm
  2. Receive approval from Internship Instructor or Career Services Manager (may take up to one-two weeks)
  3. Receive override and registration instructions
  4. Register for class via
  5. Pay course fees before tuition payment deadline

Keep in Mind

  • You need an override to register for the course
  • Once all documents have been received and your internship is approved, you will be given an override and instructions on how to register for the course.
  • To register, students must have successfully completed the necessary pre-requisites (see list below) BEFORE enrolling in JOUR 597 AND have their internship approved by the instructor
  • All internships are not automatically approved
  • The JOUR 597 course is Pass/Fail (all assignments must be completed to Pass)
  • Past internships cannot be approved retroactively

Eligibility Requirements for JOUR 597

To be eligible for the internship course, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an internship offer in writing prior to registering for the course 
  • Work at least 140 hours over the course of their selected term at the same organization
  • Receive an internship offer within their field of study (related to their major)
  • Complete all necessary pre-requisite courses (see below) BEFORE enrolling in JOUR 597 

Getting Started

Starting in Fall 2019, the application for the JOUR 597 course is going digital! Please complete the JOUR 597 Internship Contract online and upload all the necessary documents. To submit your application, students must upload the following documents:

  1. Copy of student's resume
  2. Proof of internship offer from supervisor or Human Resources (a letter or email)
  3. Job description detailing intern's expected work responsibilities and demonstrating the internship will consist of professional-level tasks in the student's field of study. 
  4. Student Signature Page: Please sign this form (via fillable PDF) electronically or upload a signed copy into the JOUR 597 Internship Contract linked above. 
  5. Supervisor Signature Page Please share this form (via fillable PDF) with your supervisor to be signed electronically via Adobe or upload a signed copy into the JOUR 597 Internship Contract linked above. 

Pre-requisites for JOUR 597

To be eligible for the JOUR 597: Internship in Mass Communications course, you must have completed the appropriate pre-requisites for your major. 

  • Public Relations 
    • JOUR 436 
    • JOUR 332 
  • Mass Communications
    • JOUR 291
    • Appropriate principles course for your major
    • One SJMC course in the your subject/professional area
  • Journalism
    • Either JOUR 362 or JOUR 361 
  • Broadcast Journalism
    • JOUR 361
  • Advertising (Two of the following three classes)
    • JOUR 220
    • JOUR 416
    • JOUR 421 
  • Visual Communications
    • JOUR 346 



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