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Information for Faculty and Staff


This calendar of events is regularly updated, so please check back.


Event Date Time Location
Gamecocks on the Green (D) Nov. 1 4:30 p.m. Gibbes Green
Dean’s Leadership Council Meeting (CIC) Nov. 1    
Let's Talk about Inclusive Excellence Brown Bag Lunch Number 3 (CIC) -  Nov. 4 12  – 1:30 p.m  SJMC 318
Tour the C-Span bus  Nov. 4 12 - 2 p.m. In front of SJMC
Scholarship Luncheon (CIC)      
CreateAthon (SJMC) Nov. 8-9   SJMC
Brown Bag Luncheon Nov. 13   Davis 112
Faculty Meeting (SJMC) Nov. 22 10:30 a.m. SJMC 318
BSIS Day (SLIS) Nov. 22 Afternoon Davis
Faculty Meeting (SLIS) Nov. 22 9 a.m. SCCCL
CIC Graduate Inclusive Excellence Open House Nov. 22 12:30 - 3 p.m. SJMC 318
Thanksgiving Break Nov. 27-29    
Event Date Time Location
Staff Chili Cookoff (CIC) Dec. 18  12 p.m. SJMC 318
Final Examinations (CIC) Dec. 9-16  9 a.m.  
Faculty Meeting (SLIS) Dec. 11     SCCCL
Holiday Celebration (CIC)  Dec. 12    
Commencement Dec. 16    
Grad Student Holiday Party (SJMC)     SJMC 318
Fall Hooding Ceremony (SLIS) Dec. 17 11 a.m. Davis/Rutledge Chapel
Event Date Time Location
Classes Begin (CIC) Jan. 13    
MLK- Breakfast of Champions (CIC) Jan. 20   SJMC Atrium
Faculty Meeting (SLIS) Jan. 17  9 a.m.  SCCCL
Faculty Meeting (SJMC)     SJMC 318
Spring Student Orientation (SLIS)      
Event Date Time Location
Career Fair (CIC)     Russell House
Leadership Week (CIC) Feb. 10 - Feb. 14    
CIC Alumni Council (?)/Diversity Panel (?)     SJMC 318
Info Sessions & Admitted Students Sessions (SS)     SJMC 318
Professional Advisory Board Meeting/luncheon (SJMC)     SJMC 318
American Advertising Federation Reception (SJMC)     SJMC 318
Grad Council Meeting (SJMC)     SJMC 318 or 316
Research Roundtable (SJMC)      
Faculty Meeting (SJMC)     SJMC 318
Faculty Meeting (SLIS) Feb. 21 9 a.m. SCCCL
Event Date Time Location
SIPA Convention (SJMC) March 6-8    
Spring Break (CIC) Mar. 8-15    
Faculty Meeting (SLIS) Mar. 20 9 a.m.   SCCL
I-Comm Week (CIC) Mar. 30- Apr. 3    
Dean’s Leadership Council Meeting (CIC)      
Fall Class Fair (SS)     SJMC Atrium
Info Sessions ∓ Admitted Students Sessions (SS)     SJMC 318
Dean’s and Director’s Lecture (SLIS): I-Comm      
Baldwin Lecture (SJMC): I-Comm      
SJMC Scholars Breakfast (SJMC)     SJMC 318
Faculty Meeting (SJMC)     SJMC 318
Alumni Tea at SCASL Conference (SLIS)      
Event Date Time Location
Baldwin Lecture Apr. 1 (tentative)    
CIC Diversity & Inclusion Research Symposium Apr. 2 10:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. SJMC 318
50th Anniversary Deans and Directors Lecture and event Apr. 3    
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Research Symposium (CIC)      
Awards Day (CIC) Apr. 16   Greenhouse
Faculty Meeting (SLIS) Apr. 17 9 a.m.  SCCCL
Giving Day (D) Apr. 22    
Augusta Baker’s Dozen [with Richland Library] (SLIS) Apr. 23-25   Richland Library (Main)
Reading Day (CIC) Apr. 28    
Retirement celebrations (CIC)      
Final Examinations (CIC) Apr. 29-May 6    
Info Sessions & Admitted Students Sessions (SS)     SJMC 318
SJMC Graduate Research and Teaching Awards (SJMC)     SJMC 318
SCSPA Conference (SJMC)      
Faculty Meeting (SJMC)     SJMC 318
SC Read-In at the Statehouse (SLIS)      
Event Date Time Location
Faculty Meeting (SLIS)  May 7 9 a.m.  SCCCL 
Graduations (CIC) May 8-9     
Digital Media Academy (CIC) May 18-21    
Faculty Meeting (SJMC)     SJMC 318
Spring Hooding Ceremony (SLIS)      
Event Date Time Location
CJI Summer Institute Jun. 10- Jun. 13    
Orientations (SS)      
Event Date Time Location
Orientations (SS)      

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