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Academic Advising

Exploratory Advising Career Ladder

Requirements for Advancement

To advance to an Exploratory Advisor II position, current Exploratory Advisors must do the following: 

  1. Serve as an Exploratory Advisor I for a minimum of 18 months
  2. Successfully complete the Exploratory Advising Mastery Rubrics
  3. Participate in a 60 minute conference with the UAC Tier Review Committee and their current supervisor
  4. Submit a complete, internal application to the UAC Tier Review Committee

Application Process

Exploratory Advisors who have not been in their position for 18 months are encouraged to work on their application throughout their tenure in the position. Download a copy of the application.

Some components of the application are outlined below: 

  • Achieve Level I and Level II Certification in the USC Advisor Training Program
  • Mastery Rubrics for Exploratory Advisor Level I
  • Advise a minimum of 300 students for Exploratory/Major Change Advising
  • Shadow at least 7 other academic advisors' appointments

Advisors who have been in their position for 18 months or more should prepare their materials and complete the online application for advancement. Please note: The application form is online and will not allow you to save your progress as you go.  Please have all of your materials prepared in advance so that the application can be submitted in one sitting. 


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