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Academic Advising

Advisor Certification

The Academic Advisor Training and Certification program at the University of South Carolina  provides all academic advisors the knowledge and skills needed to effectively support and guide students to degree completion.

About the Program

The Academic Advisor Training and Certification Program is a multi-level program that covers seven different competency areas, which are aligned with the National Academic Advising Association Academic Advising Core Competencies Model and framework (NACADA, 2017).  These competency areas include:

  1. Advising Practices at USC
  2. University Policies and Procedures
  3. Academic Programs and Requirements
  4. Advising Technology
  5. My USC Experience & Campus Resources
  6. Undergraduate Students and Special Populations
  7. Advising Profession and Practice

Advisors must complete online and/or in-person modules (which includes videos and quizzes) and meet specific criteria for each training level prior to obtaining certification. Academic advisors are required to complete the training program and receive certification. 

View the Advisor Training & Certification Curriculum for an overview of all program components.


The Academic Advisor Training and Certification Program is available to academic advisors at USC-Columbia. 

Advising Foundations

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Level Four Portfolio

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