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Academic Advising

Past Advisor Training & Professional Development Events

August 19 - Advising Workflow & Appointment Notes

August 30 - Advising Roundtable

September 11 - Greek Life @ UofSC: Academic Profile & Reporting Concerns

September 18 - Reporting Incidents of Concern: Information Advisors Need to Know

September 27 - My UofSC Experience

October 3 - Part One: Transfer Student Series

October 10 - Part Two: Transfer Student Series

October 25 - GPA Calculations and Grade Forgiveness 

November 4 - Part Three: Transfer Student Series

November 6 - What I Learned at the NACADA National Conference

July 19 - Appreciative Advising Workshop

January 29 - Academic Advising and the Development of Student Leaders (Leadership Week event for Academic Advisors)

February 22 - Be the Change You Wish to See: Fostering Resiliency in Advising

March 5 - You Are Not So Smart: Academic Advising Edition (NACADA Webinar)

March 11 - Accelerated Study Plans

March 29 - ROTC & Veteran Students: The Essential Information All Advisors Should Know

April 18 - Academic Advising in an Era of Instant Gratification: The Pathway to Empowerment (NACADA Webinar)

May 3 - New Student Orientation Updates - Summer 2019

May 21 - Academic Advising and Anger: Keeping Advisors Safe (NACADA Webinar)

August 14 - Appreciative Advising Workshop

September 5 - Interpersonal Violence Reporting Guidelines & Campus Services for Advisors

September 7 - Be the Change You Wish to See: Fostering Resiliency in Advising

October 26 - Financial Considerations of Academic Decisions

November 6 - High Impact Practices That Promote Student Success After Graduation (Lunch & Learn)

November 30 - Carolina Intercultural Training for Advisors

December 11 - Advising Notes Guidelines (Lunch & Learn)

June 14 - Satisfactory Academic Progress: Standards & Appeal Process

July 19 - Breaking Through the Student Communication Barrier (EAB Webinar)

June 29 - How to Thrive During Peak Advising Times (EAB Webinar)

January 30 - Academic Advising and the Development of Student Leaders (Leadership Week Event)

February 1 - Building Advisor Competency: Conceptual Understanding Component (NACADA Webinar)

February 23 - Interpersonal Violence Reporting Guidelines & Campus Services for Advisors

February 27 - Legal Update For Academic Advisors: How Current Regulations Affect Your Role (Webinar)

March 6 - Building Advisor Competency: Informational Knowledge Component (NACADA Webinar)

March 7 - The Power of the Nudge: Designing Behavioral Interventions for Student Success (EAB Webinar)

April 4 - Building Advisor Competency:Relational Skills Component (NACADA Webinar)

May 9 - Using the Academic Advising Core Competencies Model to Create an Action Plan for Professional Growth and Development (NACADA Webinar)

May 17 - Four Strategies for Successfully Advising Undeclared Students (Academic Impressions Webinar)

May 22 - Academic Common Market & Undergraduate Studies

September 8 - The Evolution of and Best Practices for Advising at USC: A Discussion with UofSC award winning Academic Advisors

October 13 - Daily Lean for Academic Advisors: Strategies for Improving Your Everyday Workflow

November 15 - Building Advisor Competency: Developing a Profession of Advising through Training, Development, and Scholarship (NACADA Webinar)

November 20 - Addressing Advisee Concerns and Difficult Situations 

December 13 - Building Advisor Competency: Introduction to the NACADA Academic Advising Core Competencies Model (NACADA Webinar)

December 15 - Advising Students With Disabilities

July 17 - Guiding Students Through the Major Change Process

June 19 - The LIFE Scholarship: An Overview and Considerations for Advisement

May 1 - Transparency through Technology: Uniting DegreeWorks, Major Maps, and Advising for a Student-Centered Approach


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