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Academic Advising

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CliftonStrengths® for Students

CliftonStrengths® is a powerful tool of self-discovery that helps individuals play to their strengths in school, at work, and everywhere else. Used by Fortune 500 companies, top universities, and small businesses to foster success,  CliftonStrengths empowers people by uncovering each person’s unique “talent DNA.”

CliftonStrengths for Students is specially designed to help college students maximize their potential for success in their major and after graduation. The CliftonStrengths test helps students discover their natural talents and turn those talents into the strengths that will help them succeed in college and thrive in their careers.

As a self-discovery tool, CliftonStrengths will help you recognize positive self-attributes that you can and will use throughout your time at USC and beyond!

The CliftonStrengths assessment helps you clearly identify your abilities so that you can maximize your potential at USC and beyond—in short, identifying your strengths is the first step in becoming great at what you’re naturally good at.

Using your CliftonStrengths results you can explore majors at USC purposefully, matching your skill set with academic programs that will engage your strengths, pique your curiosity, and motivate you to reach your full potential as a student and after graduation. Your CliftonStrengths results can also reaffirm a major choice you’ve already made, inspire you to pursue a minor that complements your field of study, and help you identify learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Our Academic Coaches are trained to help you understand your CliftonStrengths results, develop your strengths, and provide you with individualized support and guidance in your coaching sessions. Your Academic Coach will help you implement the “Talent x Investment = Strength” formula that turns your natural abilities into patterns of top-level performance inside and outside the classroom.

Your Academic Coach will help you explore which majors that align with your strengths and identify the programs of study that will give you opportunities to become great and what you’re naturally good at. Your Coach will also help you use your CliftonStrengths results to identify opportunities for learning beyond the classroom, on-campus involvement, and campus resources that will help you achieve academic goals and prepare for success after graduation.


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