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Academic Advising

  • At the bottom of the photo a student sits in front of a laptop and is waving. The top of the photo is a flipped version.

Flipped Advising

A growing group of Academic Advisors at USC are utilizing the Flipped Advising approach to help students engage in their academic planning & prepare for their advising appointment ahead of time.  This preparation enhances the quality and effectiveness of the advising session and relationship between the student and advisor.

What is Flipped Advising?

Flipped Advising is born out of the "Flipped Classroom" approach that has students learn content prior to attending class and then the class time is used for engaging activities and application of the content.

Similarly, Flipped Advising:

  • Asks students to learn prior to their appointment (i.e. review curriculum, view their DegreeWorks audit, identify courses for next semester) 
  • Utilizes tools such as the learning management system (Blackboard), websites, and newsletters to house important resources (videos, modules, forms, etc.) and promote engagement in preparation for advisement.
  • Allows the one-on-one time during the advising session to be used for reflection & in-depth conversations about such things as their academic goals, beyond the classroom engagement, and career exploration.

Flipped Advising at USC

The following academic areas utilize the Flipped Advising approach. Advisors use a variety of methods to provide information and engage with their advisees. Advisors will communicate and share directly with students any Flipped Advising resources and pre-advisement expectations. 

Academic Area Student Population Assigned Academic Advisor(s) Flipped Advising Resources
Biological Sciences 1st & 2nd year students

Katy Caulder

Tanner Ulland

Jess Goff

Kiisha Hilliard

Philip Blackwell

Biological Sciences Advising Website
Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Geological Science, Marine Science 1st year students Alexa Dean

Blackboard Learning Module

Pre-Advising Forms (Microsoft Forms)

College of Information & Communications 1st -3rd year students Sabrina McClure

Blackboard Learning Module

Pre-Advising Forms (Microsoft Forms)

* If you would like your Flipped Advising resources to be included on this page, please email Jane Bouknight to be added. 


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