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Academic Advising

Non-Registered in Upcoming Term

Academic advisors intervene with students who have not registered for the upcoming term in a timely manner—after students have been advised and the opening week or two of registration has passed. Advisors send gentle nudges through email and text messages that seek to identify students’ barriers to registration.  

Intended Outcomes

The goal of this initiative is to leverage established relationship with  advisors, to encourage students to connect with resources if they are having difficulties that have led them to not register for the coming term.

If the student is not returning to UofSC, advisors gather context as to why and submit reason(s) in the  Non-Returners form

Timeline for Intervention

Fall: Early December - Spring Add/Drop Date

Spring: Early May - Fall Add/Drop

Intervention Process

  1. Advisors and college/department contacts will receive a list of continuing students from the University Advising Center who are eligible to enroll for the upcoming semester (I.e. not graduating, not suspended) who are currently not.  
  2. Depending on the processes of other offices on campus, advisors may need to review their lists for students who are studying abroad, enrolling in co-ops, or participating in internships who have not yet been registered in placeholder courses.  
  3. The list will contain students with advising holds (alt pins) and other holds that are hindering registration as well as all student demographic information.
  4. Advisors will reach out to their students that are not registered with multiple “nudges” (see sample communication below).
  5. If a student communicates that they intend to not return, advisors will document the reasons submitted by the student in the Non-Returners Form.  

Please note UAC Undergraduate Academic Advisors are asked to use multiple modes of communication (email, text, phone call) as part of this this initiative.  All other Academic Advisors are highly encouraged to do the same for consistency purposes.  

This is [your name] from UofSC! 90% of your peers are registered for Fall 2021 – will you join them? Please look for an email from me with more info.   

Dear [student],    
I noticed you’re not yet registered for Fall 2021. Is there anything I can do to help? I look forward to hearing from you.  [Advisor to customize wording]  
Advisor Name [XXX]  
Academic Advisor  
How to make an appointment:   

If you know why the student is not returning to UofSC (except graduation, study abroad, internships, etc), please submit this information via the Non-Returner and Withdrawal Form for each student. Advisors are often the only university official who know this information. We thank you for sharing your insights on for the broader university retention/graduation goals.  
Please document your outreach to the student with a note in EAB Navigate, tagged with “FA21 Non-Registered Initiative”. 
If you do not reach out to the student because you have prior context as to why the student is not registered, please enter that in a note and fill out the above form so that we can track reasons that students are not returning for informational and reporting purposes. 

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