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Area of Interest | Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness Area of Interest includes degree programs that prepare students to work in a variety of healthcare professions including and beyond the medical field. Through the coursework and laboratory experiences in these majors, students gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to pursue career and/or graduate degrees in medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, global health research and education, hospital administration, medical research, and mental health treatment and advocacy. To learn which majors in this Area of Interest have a more prescriptive, more flexible, or moderate curriculum structure check out the Health & Wellness Major Orbit below.

Health and Wellness Major Orbit


Major programs in italics fall into more than one Area of Interest.

The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology curriculum focuses on the border between the physical and life sciences.

The Biological Sciences major provides a robust curriculum on the study of life and living organisms.

The Cardiovascular Technology major is an interdisciplinary program that prepares to work directly with heart patients and assist physicians in the treatment of heart patients through three years of coursework and one year of comprehensive clinical training at an accredited hospital program.

The Exercise Science major is a science-based curriculum focusing on the relationship between physical activity and human health.

The Neuroscience major brings together the multiple scientific disciplines across campus that focus on the nervous system and requires a concentration in Cellular in Molecular Neuroscience, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, or Neurodevelopment and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

The Nursing major is a science-based program that combines pre-nursing courses along with clinical hours and a simulation lab. This program is split up into lower and upper divisions, with admission to upper division requiring an application process.

Consider Alternate Pathways to Nursing

If you are a current nursing student, and/or are considering a major in a related healthcare field, watch these videos to learn more about alternative major pathways that can lead to similar career opportunities in health care.

Developing a Parallel Plan

Exercise Science

Public Health BS

Public Health BA

The Pharmaceutical Science degree combines core and laboratory-based coursework, instills the knowledge and skills of a well-rounded and well-educated scientist.

The Physical Education majors is a well-rounded curriculum that promotes the skills and knowledge to provide all students on their journey of physical literacy.

The Psychology, BS major provides preparation for students interested in research-oriented graduate training or health-related professional schools.

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Health emphasizes a social and behavioral sciences curriculum for students interested in the health care field or a social science-based graduate program.

The Bachelor of Science in Public Health entails a broad-based natural science curriculum, preparing students for further study in the public health sciences, medicine, and other clinical professions.

The Social Work major prepares students for a career serving individuals, families, and communities. The curriculum covers a liberal arts education and provides the values, skills, knowledge and competencies necessary for generalist social work practice.


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