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Academic Advising

Arts and Sciences

Commonly Asked Questions about Academic Advising in the College of Arts & Sciences

Both faculty and professional staff advise in this college. All incoming freshmen students are assigned to  first-year professional staff advisors. Depending on a student’s major, they may be assigned to a faculty advisor as they progress through their major.

You can view your advisor's information on your registration checklist in Self-Service Carolina or by viewing your degree audit in DegreeWorks. Many students will also receive an email from their advisor at the beginning of the academic year.

In the event that you cannot find your advisor's information in Self-Service Carolina or DegreeWorks or you do not have an advisor listed, you should contact your major department or the college's Undergraduate Student Academic Affairs and Advising office in Flinn Hall. 

If your major department is using the EAB Navigate system, you can schedule an appointment online using EAB Navigate. If you log on and do not see your department listed, contact your advisor or major department directly to inquire on their procedures for scheduling an advising appointment. If you are unsure who to contact, call the Undergraduate Student Academic Affairs and Advising office in Flinn Hall at 803-777-2993 for assistance. 

Some students may be able to reach out to their advisor directly via email to schedule their appointment.

Advisement for the Fall semester typically occurs from mid-October to the first week of November.

Advisement for the Spring semester typically begins after spring break and lasts until the second week of April.

Undeclared Students

Undeclared students are assigned an Undeclared Academic Advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Arts and Sciences is a great place for undeclared students to explore academics at USC because it is home to over 100 majors that span the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. Undeclared students benefit from a strong and flexible general education curriculum called the Carolina Core that will allow you to explore potential majors within and outside the College of Arts and Sciences while maintaining a path toward graduation. 

To learn more about being Undeclared in the College of Arts & Sciences, contact one of the Undeclared Academic Advisors: Alexis Mynio ( or Travis Gardner (


Changing Majors into the College of Arts and Sciences

If you are interested in changing your major to a program of study in Arts & Sciences, meet with an Exploratory Advisor to ensure you meet all necessary requirements. If you are switching majors within Arts & Sciences (for example from Chemistry to Political Science), you can make an appointment with an Exploratory Advisor or contact the Arts & Sciences Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs and Advising by calling 803-777-2993.


Senior Checks, Study Abroad and Other Student Services

In the College of Arts & Sciences, questions related to senior checks, graduation, evaluation of transfer credit, study abroad and more should be directed to the Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs and Advising in Flinn Hall. Call them at 803-777-2993 or visit them in Flinn Hall 110 to schedule an appointment. 

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