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Academic Advising

Advisor Welcome and Well Wishes

We would like to welcome all of our new Academic Advisors at UofSC and wish the best for those who are moving on to different opportunities.


WELCOME to Advising at UofSC!

  • Charles Tisdale, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, CAS, (start date 10/4/2021)
  • Benjamin Ostick, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, CAS,  (start date 10/4/2021)
  • Andrew Winterfeldt, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, CEC (start date 9/20/21)
  • Allen Marsee, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, CAS Walker Institute  (Start date 9/13/2021)
  • Anna May, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Social Work (start date 9/13/21)
  • Allison Brillhart, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, CEC (start date 9/1/21)
  • Brittany Noble, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Darla Moore School of Business (start date 9/1/21)
  • Melissa Tomlinson-Hooks, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, CEC (start date 8/2/21)


  • Nicole Montgomery, Undergraduate Academic Advisor in DMSB, will be transitioning to the Career Center beginning 10/16/2021. 
  • Rebecca Boyd, undergraduate advisor in the School of Visual Art & Design, is transitioning to Student Services Manager in the College of Information & Communication and will assume her new role on 9/9/21. 

WELL WISHES - Advising will miss you!

  • Lori Giordano, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Arts & Sciences (last day 9/14/21)
  • Jennifer Rexroth, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Pharmacy (last day 8/20/21)
  • Kim Anthony, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, HRSM (last day 8/20/21)
  • Skylar Pritchard, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, College of Arts & Sciences (last day 8/9/21)
  • Susan Vinson, Academic Advisor, College of Education (last day 8/6/21)
  • Janai Hawkins-Glenn, Academic Advisor/Student Engagement Coordinator, SC Honors College (last day 7/14/21)
  • Hanna DeBruhl, Exploratory Advisor and Academic Coach, UAC (last day 7/1/2021)
  • Samantha Malpass, Undergraduate Academic Advisor, CEC (last day 6/28/21)

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