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Academic Advising

  • Faculty and Undergraduate Students at a Meet My Major Event

Meet My Major Events

As part of the Faculty/Student Mentorship program, the University Advising Center offers all academic departments and majors an opportunity to collaborate in hosting a Meet My Major event.  Meet My Major events provide opportunities for undergraduate students to interact with faculty outside of the classroom.  Faculty play a critical role in Gamecock undergraduate student success.  Students who have frequent contact with faculty members are more satisfied with their educational experiences, are less likely to drop out, and perceive themselves as having learned more than students who have less faculty contact.

What is a Meet My Major Event?

In these 60-90 minute sessions, faculty and undergraduate students get together to discuss the opportunities offered within and beyond the major and set the foundation for a potential mentoring relationship.  Each faculty member will speak for five-ten minutes, giving a  brief background about who they are/where they are from/how they got to USC, what their research/field expertise is, and general advice for undergraduate students.  Following these informal presentations, faculty engage with students in round-table discussions about what they shared and answer questions students may have about the major, career prospects, research opportunities, and more.  

Goals for undergraduate students participating in Meet My Major Events include:

  • Meet the faculty guiding their programs of study and demystify the “unknown” of interacting with professors
  • Explore research interests, gain an understanding of the learning outcomes of their major, and discover practical ways to engage with their degree
  • Learn more about their field of study and potential career opportunities
  • Develop a mentee/mentor relationship with faculty who can successfully guide students on their academic journey

If you are interested in learning more about Meet My Major Events, or if you would like to schedule an event with the University Advising Center, submit an interest form, and we will follow up with you.

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