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Academic Advising

Intervention Repository

Early intervention encompasses the “systematic method of recording and communicating student behaviors that contribute to student attrition” and “effective intervention at the first indication of academic difficulty” (Tampke, 2013). Intervention initiatives can be faculty iniated (Progress Reports, Absent and Disengaged Student Referral), campus partner initiated (Scholarship  Risk), or advisor facilitated (Ensuring Degree Applicable Credits, Fewer than 13 Credit Hours). Regardless of where and how interventions originate, academic advisors are uniquely suited to provide intrusive and indivualized interventions to students in their caseloads and within their colleges and departments (Dial and McKeown, 2020). At ~90% of institutions academic intervention is a collaborative effort between faculty and academic advisors (Baerfoot, Griffin, & Koch, 2012; Estrada & Latino, 2019). The UAC’s intervention efforts are based on national best practice.

UAC Advisor-Facilitated Interventions 


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