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Academic Advising

  • Five advisors are picture holding their award plaque. There are 4 white women and one african-american male.

Academic Advisor Awards

Institutional academic advising awards recognize the exemplary work being done by USC staff & faculty to support student success and retention through academic advising.

USC Institutional Academic Advising Awards


Submit an Award Nomination

Nominate a colleague, program, or even yourself for one of the USC Institutional Academic Advising awards.  Award nominations will be open July - November.

The program goals are to:

  • Recognize outstanding academic advising at USC
  • Offer an institutional academic advising rewards system 
  • Encourage wider support of academic advising personnel and programs
  • Ultimately improve academic advising services for students

(Adapted from NACADA Global Awards program goals)

2023 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2023 Advising Award Winners!

Award Winner College
Commitment to Advising Excellence (3+ years)
JIllian Carey Bigony School of Music
Commitment to Advising Excellence (less than 3 years)
Alexa Dean College of Arts & Sciences- School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment
Inclusive Excellence in Advising
Amanda Heinsman South Carolina Honors College
Advising Administrator
DeeAnn Moss College of Arts & Sciences - Mathematics
Outstanding Advising Initiative
Virtual Registration Assistance Room College of Engineering & Computing Student Services & Advising Team


2022 Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Advising Award Winners!

Award Winner College
Commitment to Advising Excellence (3+ years)
Sabrina McClure College of Information & Communications
Commitment to Advising Excellence (less than 3 years)
Hannah Quire South Carolina Honors College
Inclusive Excellence in Advising
Megan Stanley Myers College of Arts & Sciences (formerly)
Advising Administrator
Ali Mathwig South Carolina Honors College
Outstanding Advising Initiative
Flipped Advising College of Arts & Sciences - Biological Sciences

Award Categories

Recognizes a faculty or staff academic advisor who has positively contributed to the success of their students, department/college, and the institution. Award winners will have demonstrated a commitment to advising excellence through their advising practice and participation in professional development.

Two separate awards will be given: one to an advisor with three or more years (minimum 36 months) of advising experience at USC and one to an advisor with three or fewer years of advising experience at USC. 

Recognizes a member of the USC advising community who demonstrates an exceptional commitment to and understanding of  inclusion and belonging of students of all identities and its impact on advising practices. 

Recognizes a staff or faculty member at USC who works in an administrative role or “behind the scenes” to promote and support the efforts of academic advising through personnel and/or program management.

Recognizes members of the advising community for their collaboration and demonstration of a significant creative, original, and exceptional program or initiative that has positively impacted the overall quality of advising at USC for the benefit of student success and persistence. 

Select winners of these awards may be submitted as the nominee from USC for NACADA advising awards. 

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