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My Honors College

Faculty/Staff Directory

Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Staff Bess, Jen, MA Director of National Fellowships - National Fellowships and Scholar Programs 803.777.5420 NFSP, National Fellowships and Scholar Programs, Fellowships, Scholarships
Staff Bretz, Heidi, MA National Fellowships Coordinator 803.777.0314
Staff Brouse, Jenna Scholars Program Coordinator 803.777.0963
Staff Buchicchio, Alaina Student Services Administrative Coordinator 803.777.8102
Staff Coggin, Gabby, MA Career Services Director and Academic Advisor 803.576.7293 Academic Advisors
Staff Davis, Emily Executive Assistant to the Dean 803.777.2128
Staff Dawkins, Ryan Director of Communications 803.576.6214 communications
Staff DeLong-Rodgers, Autumn Academic Advisor and Service Coordinator 803.777.5446 Academic Advisors
Staff Faulkner, Jennifer Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Stewardship 803.777.8555
Staff Flansburgh , Michael, EdM Academic Advisor & Senior Thesis Coordinator 803.576.7721 advisor Academic Advisors
Staff Fogle, Marcus Lead Senior Director of Development 803.576.6219 honors college, development
Staff Frame, Will Digital Communications Coordinator 803.777.9512
Staff Graham, Chastity, MEd National Fellowships Coordinator 803.777.0954
Staff Hannah, Yolonda Finance and Human Resources Director 803.777.9042
Staff Hanus, A Communications Coordinator - National Fellowships and Scholar Programs 803.576.7369
Staff Harris , Zach Business and HR Coordinator 803.777.4631
Staff Heinsman, Amanda, EdM Academic Advisor and First Generation Coordinator 803.777.1180 first gen, schc, south carolina honors college, honors advisor Academic Advisors
Staff Holmes, Thomas, MS Director of Information Technology 803.777.7799
Staff Howell, Joe , EdS Academic Advisor & Pre-Professional Coordinator 803.576.7662 Academic Advisors
Staff Jinnette, Matt Database Coordinator and Office Manager 803.777.0958
Staff Johnson, Beneisha Human Resources and Business Coordinator 803.576.8401
Staff Kelly, Sarah Director of Experiential Learning and Academic Advisor 803.777.8005 Academic Advisors
Staff Klopfenstein, Matt, PhD Assistant Director of National Fellowships - National Fellowships and Scholar Programs 803.576.7744
Staff Ladner, Richard Academic Advisor and Internship Coordinator 803.576.7902 Academic Advisors
Staff Leverette, Elizabeth, MEd Academic Advisor and Accelerated Undergraduate to MD Coordinator 803.777.2554 advisor Academic Advisors
Staff Limbaugh, Leah , MDiv Academic Advisor and Merchandise & Scholarship Coordinator 803.777.8048 Academic Advisors
Staff Lynn, Steve, PhD Dean, Louise Fry Scudder Professor 803.777.2128
Staff Mathwig, Ali, MA Director of Advising 803.576.6284 Academic Advisors
Staff Metcalf, Kevin, MEd Director of Scholar Programs 803.777.6280
Staff Patel, Ajay Academic Advisor and Research Coordinator 803.576.6285 Academic Advisors
Staff Poole, Anita Director of Student Services 803.576.5714
Staff Redwine, Anna, MFA, MBA Academic Advisor and Cultural Engagement Coordinator 803.777.2206 Academic Advisors
Staff Reid, Cameron, MEd Academic Advisor and Student Engagement Coordinator 803.576.6118 Academic Advisors
Staff Riley, Gracie Academic Advisor and Recruiting Coordinator 803.777.1666 Academic Advisors
Staff Rogers, Aïda Writer/ Editor
Staff Skipper, Tracy, PhD Senior Thesis Director and Academic Advisor 803.777.9737 Academic Advisors
Staff Skrzyniarz, Therese Schedule and Curriculum Coordinator 803.576.6283
Staff Smith , Kate , MA SCHC Fellow
Staff Smoak, Jan, MEd Assistant Dean for Awards and Enrollment 803.777.6600
Staff Tanner, Andrea, PhD Associate Dean 803.576.5633
Staff Thomas, Kay, EdD Clinical Associate Professor, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 803.777.2409 Academic Advisors
Staff Weingart, Valerie, MA National Fellowships Coordinator 803.576.8231
Staff Williams, Brett Scholar Program Coordinator 803.576.6389
Staff Wilson, Chappell, MBA Assistant Dean of Administration 803.777.7511
Staff Ytem, Kristine Advisor Study Abroad Coordinator 803.576.8061

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