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My Honors College

Faculty/Staff Directory

Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Faculty Advani, Priya, MM Business and Human Resources Assistant 803-576-8401 Honors College
Staff Alexander, Susan, PhD Academic Advisor and Director of Undergraduate Research 803-777-8005 Academic Advisors
Staff Banks, Kay, EdD Clinical Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Diversity 803-777-2409 Academic Advisors
Staff Beskid, Novella, MEd Assistant Dean for National Fellowships and Scholar Programs 803-777-0954
Staff Bess, Jen, MA Director of National Fellowships, OFSP 803-777-5420
Staff Blauvelt, Ashley, MS Academic Advisor 803-777-8048 Academic Advisor Academic Advisors
Staff Campbell, Megan Tone, MR Academic Advisor and Study Abroad Coordinator 803-777-6280 Academic Advisors
Staff Cook, Ali Administrative Coordinator and Webmaster of OFSP 803-777-4631
Faculty Davis, Michelle, MEd Administrative Assistant for Student Services 803-777-0610
Staff Denmark, Rachel, MEd Coordinator of Student Services 803-576-5714 Academic Advisors
Staff Driver, Zach Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement 803-777-8555 Alumni
Faculty Elbery, Erica, MS Academic Advisor and Internship Coordinator 803-576-7207 Internships, Academic Advisor, South Carolina Semester Academic Advisors
Staff Flowers, Catherine, MA Academic Advisor and Service Learning Coordinator 803-576-6283 Academic Advisors
Staff Hawkins-Glenn, Janai, MEd Academic Advisor 803-576-7293
Staff Hollm, Becky, MS Academic Advisor Academic Advisors
Staff Holmes, Thomas, MS Director of Information Technology, Academic Advisor 803-777-7799 Academic Advisors
Staff Hood, Anita, MD Director of Pre-Med Programs 803-777-9512
Staff Hutt, Julie, MA Director of Internship Programs and Academic Advisor 803-777-1180
Staff Jennings, Payge, MA National Fellowships Coordinator 803-576-8231
Staff Liggett, Greg, MA Academic Advisor 803-576-6285
Staff Lynn, Steve, PhD Dean, Louise Fry Scudder Professor 803-777-2128
Staff Mathwig, Ali, MA Academic Advisor 803-576-6284 Academic Advisors
Staff McKnight, Amanda, MEd Academic Advisor and Events Coordinator 803-777-9737
Staff Mohn, Jason Assistant Director of Development 803-777-0620 development
Staff Moring, Catherine Director of Business and Human Resources 803-777-9042
Staff Porter, Elise Academic Advisor and Recruiting Coordinator 803-777-1666 Academic Advisors
Staff Redwine, Anna, MFA, MBA Academic Advisor and Director of Communications 803-777-2206 Academic Advisors
Staff Robinson, Bianca, MA Academic Advisor 803-777-5446 Academic Advisors,Honors College
Staff Rogers, Aïda Writer/ Editor 803-777-9044
Faculty Smith, Timothy (Tim), MM Scholar Programs Coordinator 803-777-0314
Staff Smoak, Jan, MEd Director of Scholar Programs, OFSP 803-777-6600
Staff Tanner, Andrea, PhD Associate Dean 803-576-5633
Faculty Thomas, Nathaniel OFSP Communications Assistant 803-777-0958
Staff Wessinger, Jo Assistant to the Dean 803-777-2128
Staff Wilson, Chappell, MBA Assistant Dean of Administration 803-777-7511 Academic Advisors