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Steps for Graduation

  1. Confirm with your major advisor that you’re cleared to graduate from the university.
  2. Apply for university graduation.
  3. Complete a senior check with your Honors Advisor, confirming that you have met all Honors College requirements.
  4. Apply for Honors College graduation.
  5. RSVP for Revocation.
  6. Defend and submit completed senior thesis.

Honors College students who complete all honors requirements graduate from the university with honors from the South Carolina Honors College. Graduating from the university with honors from the South Carolina Honors College is not the same as graduating with honors. Any university student can graduate with honors (summ, magna, cum laude), however only Honors College students who have met both Honors College and university requirements may graduate  from the University with honors from the South Carolina Honors College. Students graduating from the Honors College can also graduate with latin honors. BARSC and BARSC MD students graduate from the South Carolina Honors College; these are the only degrees offered directly through the Honors College.

Please note that the university commencement ceremony listed for the South Carolina Honors College is only for Honors College students pursuing the BARSC specialized degree. Honors students in other colleges (Engineering, Arts & Sciences, Business) should attend their respective college ceremony in addition to Honors College Revocation. 


Revocation is the Honors College commencement ceremony. The Honors College uses this time to recognize our students and honor their accomplishments. Revocation typically takes place a few days before the university’s various commencement ceremonies.  A revocation ceremony is held for December and May graduates of the Honors College.  Summer graduates may participate in the spring revocation ceremony.

Typically dress is business casual; students do not wear the formal cap and gown. Honors College students are allowed to invite family and friends with an RSVP form that is sent out by email a month before the event. The revocation ceremony is led by honors marshals. Our tradition is that we do not have a single valedictory speaker; instead, every student is invited to say thanks, offer congratulations, tell an inspiring and/or amusing story—to say, in other words, whatever you would like. The Honors College gives each student a special lapel pin and a champagne flute. The ceremony ends with a singing of the Alma Mater, which references a toast-- “Here’s a health, Carolina, forever to thee!”

Honors College graduates will receive a separate South Carolina Honors College diploma. This diploma is based on the first diplomas that were given out by the university of South Carolina. They are usually mailed two-three months after the commencement ceremony. You will receive this diploma in the mail, and accompanying it will be a letter from the dean congratulating you on your graduation and explaining the significance of the South Carolina Honors College diploma. 

2021 Dates

May Revocation: May 6, 2021 at 6:00 PM
December Revocation: December 12, 2021

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