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Honors Internships

Internships are an important part of the Honors Beyond the Classroom program. What you do beyond the campus of the university is as important as what you do in the classroom. Internships help build foundational skills important for your career, help open doors and develop career plans and help you make great contacts for the future.

Getting Started If You Have Accepted an Internship

Any student who plans to earn credit from the South Carolina Honors College for an internship is required to complete the internship contract. After completing the internship contract, the student must schedule an appointment with the internship team ( via EAB. Approved students will be enrolled in the appropriate course at the conclusion of the appointment.

Getting Academic Credit for Your Internship

SCHC 498 or SCHC 494 Honors College internship:  In order to receive academic credit to satisfy the Beyond the Classroom Honors College requirement (three credit hours) for an internship, the student must work at least 150 hours during the internship and be enrolled in the corresponding internship course SCHC 498. Internships can be arranged for one or two credit hours (SCHC 494) as needed; the one credit hour course does not fulfill the Beyond the Classroom requirement. 

The deadline to request credit for an internship is the drop/add day of each academic semester. Students cannot receive academic credit if they have already completed the internship and left the company.  

Paid vs. non-paid?

Ideally, each student would be paid for the work they do in their internship. However, not all internships are paid. Whether or not you are getting paid does not affect your ability to receive academic credit from the Honors College.

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