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Honors Internships

Getting Started if You Don’t Have an Internship

There are many sources for internship searches. It is a good idea to do some initial searches for internships prior to meeting with Ms. Hutt.

You will receive credit and a grade for the internship. The grade will be determined by feedback on your mid-term and final evaluations, weekly logs, final summary paper, and informational interview.


Getting Started If You Have an Internship

Each student who wants to earn credit for an internship will need to complete the student internship contract form.  After completing the internship contract and getting it signed by the supervisor or hiring official for the internship, the student will need to schedule an appointment with the Honors College Director of Internships, Julie Hutt ( in order to submit the contract and discuss the internship and academic requirements. When a student requests an appointment, the student should email Ms. Hutt with several options of days and times that the student is available for a meeting. Ms. Hutt will then schedule a meeting with the student and review the completed and signed internship contract form to determine if the internship qualifies for academic credit based on the information provided. The director of internships will then request the Honors College dean’s approval and signature. Once approved, the Honors College staff will enroll the student in the internship course.


Getting Academic Credit for your Internship

SCHC 498 or SCHC 391- Honors College internship:  In order to receive academic credit to satisfy the Beyond the Classroom Honors College requirement (3 credit hours) for an internship, the student must work at least 150 hours during the internship and be enrolled in the internship course, SCHC 498. Internships can be arranged for just one credit hour (SCHC 391). 

The deadline to request credit for an internship is the drop/add day of each academic semester. Students cannot receive credit if they have already completed the internship and left the company. It is preferred that students complete the application for credit as soon as they accept the internship and before the start date.


Paid vs. non-paid?

Ideally, each student would be paid for the work they do in their internship. However, not all internships are paid. Whether or not you are getting paid does not affect your ability to receive Honors College credit. Students can get academic credit for a paid internship through the SC Honors College internship program.