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My Honors College

Academic Advising

Individual academic advising is one of the important perks of being an Honors College student. Your Honors College advisor is a specialized advocate and mentor who will guide you through the Honors College curriculum and open doors for you. 

Advising for Spring 2019

It's time to sign up for registration for Spring 2019.

Remember that you will be seeing both an Honors advisor who will register you for your Honors classes and your major advisor who will clear you so you can register yourself for your non-Honors classes. It is imperative that you see both advisors otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of priority registration.

Honors Advisement/Course Registration is conducted by USC entry year date:

  • Entry year 2015: Any open day between September 24 - 28
  • Entry year 2016: Any open day between October 1 - 9
  • Entry year 2017: Any open day between October 11 – 17; 22 & 23
  • Entry year 2018: Any open day between: October 25 – 31; November 1 – 7

Students are expected to sign up with their assigned advisor. If you cannot find an available time slot with your advisor due to your class schedule, please contact your advisor in order to work out an available time.


Priority registration

Priority registration for non-Honors courses will begin on November 5. Please check for your registration time.


Prepare for Your Appointment

  • Familiarize yourself with the degree requirements and course offerings of both the Honors College and the university.
  • View the Honors course listings and the status of your Honors requirements in Degree Works it create a mock schedule and bring it with you to the appointment. See the Honors courses here.