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Additional Study Away Opportunities

Students can study away through the University of South Carolina and other organizations and universities.

Fall Break in Aruba with Honors UNIV101

First-year Honors College students have a unique opportunity to travel to the island of Aruba during USC fall break when they enroll in a special Honors section of University 101.

The Honors College is partnering with the University of Aruba so that Honors students can learn what it's like to be a college student on the tropical island of Aruba. During USC fall break, students and instructors will fly to Aruba where they will meet University of Aruba students and professors and participate in meaningful research, service and professional development activities. We'll also spend time getting to know the island of Aruba, including the culture, the food and, of course, Aruba's many beaches!

Weekend on the South Carolina Coast with Honors UNIV101

The Honors College is partners with the Baruch Institute for Coastal and Marine Sciences so Honors students can learn more about the extraordinary hands-on education and research opportunities at USC’s premier field lab located near Georgetown, S.C. During one weekend during the fall semester, students and instructors will caravan to the Baruch Institute where they will participate in meaningful research, service and coastal activities. Students will also spend time exploring our coast’s culture, food, and outstanding beaches and waterways!

Semester Away Programs

Students who choose to study away for a full semester will be granted six credit hours towards Honors requirements. Three will fulfill the BTC requirement, and three will fulfill an Honors Elective. This allows students to study off-campus while maintaining Honors progression. To learn more about semester away opportunities and course-planning, students will communicate with both their honors and major advisors and plan a visit to USC’s Education Abroad Office

Year Away

Honors students also have the opportunity to study away for a year, and the Honors College grants 12 credits towards Honors requirements in this situation. Three will fulfill the BTC requirement, and nine will fulfill Honors Electives. This way students are able to study off-campus while maintaining Honors progression.

To learn more about opportunities and course planning, it is vital students communicate with their advisors and plan their year abroad in coordination with the university’s Education Abroad office.

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