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My Honors College

Departmental Internship Courses

The following departmental internship courses  fulfill the Beyond the Classroom requirement.

Course Number Course Department Credit Hours Keywords
(hidden column)
ARTS545 Internship in Graphic Design Arts & Sciences 3  graphic design
BADM499 Marketing Internship  DMSB 1-3 marketing
COLA390 Nonprofit Internship Arts & Sciences P/F nonprofit
CVS1400 Vascular Sonography I Arts & Sciences    
EXSC483 Internship in Scientific Foundations Exercise Science 3 science, scientific
HRTM495 Hospitality and Tourism Internship HRSM 6 retailing
JOUR597 Internship in Mass Communications Journalism/Mass Comm 3 mass communications, journalism
POLI379 Public Affairs Internship Arts & Sciences 2-6 public affairs
RETL495 Retailing Internship HRSM 6 retailing
SPTE495 Internship in Sport & Entertainment Management HRSM 6 sport
WGST499 Community Service Internship   3

service, nonprofit

EDEC 443 Internship in Integrated Curriculum in Early Childhood Education – Early Childhood Education Education 4

education, childhood education

EDEC 492 Internship in Curriculum, Assessment, Teaching and Professional Roles - Early Childhood Education Education 9

education, childhood education

EDML 598 Internship A - Middle Level Education Education 3


EDML 599 Internship B - Middle Level Education Education 12


EDEL 471 Internship in Environments, Planning, and Motivation for Teaching and Learning - Elementary Education Education 6

education, elementary education

EDEL 490 Internship in Elementary Education Education 12

education, elementary education


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