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In this section you will find links to lots of helpful forms. If you don't find what you're looking for, please let us know.

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Alternative Beyond the Classroom Experience  
BARSC-MD Survey  
Bedtime Stories Nomination  
Communications Project Request  
Communications Student Worker Application  
Course Proposal  
Course Travel Agreement  
Creating the Honors Experience in H10 Courses  
Spring Faculty Fellows Meeting RSVP  
Graduation Application  
Faculty Fellows Luncheon RSVP  
Family and Supporter Virtual Update Event RSVP  
Golf Cart Reservation  
Honors Alumni Video Submission Form  
Honors Ambassador Application  
Honors Content Submission  
Honors Calendar Submissions and Room Reservations  
Honors College Scholarly Travel Program Application  
Honors Email Sign-Up
Honors Faculty and Instructors Sessions and Meetings
Honors Gala Theme Voting  
Honors Newsletter & Instagram Content Submission Form  
Honors Orientation Student Leader Application  
Honors Peer Mentor Application  
Honors Option (H-Option) Application  
Honors Option (H-Option) Faculty Contract [PDF]  
Honors Service Learning Scholarship Application  
Honors Scheduler Meet and Greet  
Internship Contract  
Internship Evaluation (Midterm)  
Internship Evaluation (Final)  
Reception & Reflections on Service  
Honors Peer Mentee Application  
Photography Request  
SCHC Community & Inclusion Council Interest Form  
SCHC Scholarship Application Form (Current Students)  
SCHC Scholarship Application Form (Incoming Students)  
SCHC Staff Merchandise Order Form  
SCHC Fellow - Job Opportunity  
Senior Thesis Binding Form [PDF]  
Senior Thesis Defense Date Submission  
Senior Thesis Director Contract [PDF]  
Senior Thesis Director Contract Submission  
Senior Thesis Mid-Semester Check in  
Senior Thesis Paper Guidelines [PDF]  
Senior Thesis Grant Application  
Senior Thesis Grant Expense Form [PDF]  
Senior Thesis Proposal Submission  
Senior Thesis Second Reader Submission  
Senior Thesis Submission  
Senior Thesis Proposal Guidelines [PDF]  
Senior Thesis Title Example [docx]  
Senior Thesis Workshop  
Senior Thesis Writing Accountability Sessions  
State Government Program Application  
South Carolina Washington Semester Program Application  
South Carolina Washington Semester Program - Final Evaluation  
South Carolina Washington Semester Program - Midsemester Evaluation  
Transfer Application  
Transfer Student Info Sessions RSVP  
"With Honors" Card Submissions  
Welcome Back – Honors College Fall 2023 Faculty  
Writer Application  
























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