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My Honors College


In this section you will find links to lots of helpful forms. If you don't find what you're looking for, please let us know.

Title Status Keywords
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Artist in Residence Form Active tag 1, tag2
BARSC Description [PDF] Active  
BARSC Exit Assessment Form Active  
BARSC Exit Assessment Committee Form Active  
Beyond The Classroom Alternative Experience Petition  Active  
Course Proposal Form Active  
Grade Forgiveness Form [PDF] Active  
Graduation Application Active  
Gressette Room Reservation Form Active  
Honors Classroom Reservation Form Active  
Honors Peer Mentor Application Active  
Honors Peer Mentorship Program Application (Freshman) Active  
H-Option Form [PDF] Active  
Internship Contract [PDF] Active  
Internship Evaluation (Midterm) Active  
Internship Evaluation (Final) Active  
Research Contract [PDF] Active  
Research Grant Application SURF/Exploration [PDF] Active  
Research Grant Time Sheet [PDF] Active  
SCHC Handbook (Current) [PDF] Active  
SCHC Handbook (2014-2015) [PDF] Active  
SCHC Handbook (Prior to 2014) [PDF] Active  
SCHC Scholarship Application Active  
Scholarly Research Travel Support Application [PDF] Active  
Scholarship Agreement Form [PDF] Active  
Senior Thesis Binding Form [PDF] Active  
Senior Thesis Defense Date Submission Active  
Senior Thesis Second Reader Submission Active  
Senior Thesis Title Example [docx] Active  
Senior Thesis/Project Contract Form [PDF] Active  
Senior Thesis/Project Research Grant Application [PDF] Active  
Senior Thesis Submission Active  
Senior Thesis Workshop Registration Active  
South Carolina Semester Internship Application Active  
South Carolina Washington Semester Program Application Active   
South Carolina Washington Semester Program - Final Evaluation Active  
South Carolina Washington Semester Program - Midsemester Evaluation Active  
Transfer Application Active