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My Honors College

Honors College Requirements


The Honors College curriculum consists of four categories:

Together these will total the 45 honors credit hours required to graduate from the University with honors from the Honors College. You may choose to fulfill these requirements in any way that works with your major, minor, or personal interests, meaning there is no specific order in which you must take certain classes.

Distribution Requirements

Honors courses that meet each of the specific distribution requirements are designated in the SCHC course catalog. To fulfill these requirements the course must have "SC Honors College" listed as an atribute.

Requirement Credits Required Course
English or Literature  Any course in English composition or literature 
History of Civilization  Any course on the history of civilization 
Humanities  Any humanities course 
Social/Behavioral Science  Any social or behavioral science 
Natural Science with Lab  Must include a lab 
Analysis  Math, logic, statistics, computer sciences, or other course so designated 
Electives  19  Any honors course or up to 6 credits of study abroad courses (see below for a full explanation) 
Beyond the Classroom  Undergraduate research, service-learning, internship, or study outside of South Carolina (may be a non-honors course) 
Thesis Prep (SCHC 390)  Senior thesis preparation course, usually 6th semester (students abroad in this semester are exempt) 
Thesis (SCHC 499)  Usually register for 1 credit of SCHC 499 in the 7th semester and 2 credits of SCHC 499 in the 8th semester. 
 Total 45  


Progression Requirements

End of Semester 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
GPR  3.0* 3.0* 3.1 3.1 3.2 3.2 3.3 3.3**
Honors Credits  0 9 9 18 18 27 27 36

* A student is expected to earn a minimum GPR of 3.0 in the first two semesters.
** A student must maintain a cumulative GPR of 3.3 in order to graduate with honors from the South Carolina Honors College.
Minimum letter grade: "C" or better for any honors course counted towards graduation with honors.

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