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Academic Advising

Enrolled in Fewer than 13 Credit Hours

Academic Advisors use EAB Navigate's Advanced Search feature to compile a list of their assigned advisees who are enrolled in fewer than 13 credit hours. Advisors will send messaging to the students with information on why full-time enrollment is important for progression, on-time graduation, etc. Advisors may encourage enrollment in 2nd-half term courses or winter/summer sessions. 

Intended Outcomes

The intended outcome of the Fewer Than 13 Credit Hour Outreach is to inform students of the consequences of below full-time enrollment (financial, academic, etc). Leveraging their preexisting relationship with students, advisors encourage student to discuss enrollment status and encourage enrollment in part-of-term courses, or alternate sessions like winter/summer 

Timeline for Intervention

Fall - Early October

Spring - Early March

Intervention Process

  1. Access the "Advanced Search" tab in EAB Navigate.
  2. In the drop-down "Term Data" select the current semester
  3. Enter "12" into "Max credit hours"
  4. Select “My Students Only" checkbox at the bottom of the page.
  5. Run report.
  6. In the "Actions" drop-down, select "Export to Excel". Download file.* 

*These are the students to whom you conduct outreach.

Please email these students individually. Use your judgment if you have context on why certain students are not registered. You can use the below template email or tailor as you see fit.

Keep the below questions in mind as you reach out to these students:

  • Has the student already expressed to you the reasons why they are below this credit hour threshold? If so - no need to duplicate outreach.
  • Are there any specific 2nd half-term courses for your major(s)?
  • Are there options for summer courses for your major(s)?
  • Could the student take additional classes in the fall 2021 semester to be on track? 


Hello (student name)
I am contacting you because I noticed you are enrolled in fewer than 13 credit hours. Enrolling in an average of 15 credit hours a semester is important for progression in your major, retaining your financial aid, and graduating on time. 
We can discuss options for second half-term courses, summer course work, and staying on track with credit hours in future semesters. 
If you would like to talk through options, if you have any questions, or if there is anything I can do to support you, please contact me. 
(Insert Advisor signature line) 

  1. Create a watch list. (if you need assistance creating a watch list, please contact Paige McKeown).
  2. From your watch list, click the checkbox at the top to select all students. Next, select the "Actions" drop-down to add a mass note.
  3. Log the intervention as a credit hour enrollment and be sure to add a note reason of "FYA Intervention". 

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